Friday, June 1, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, June 2nd 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of June 2nd 2018.

June 2nd 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Pitch sign CLEF
Saturn, for one GASGIANT
Super-fancy LUXE
Slightly more than a one-man show TWOHANDER
Most eligible for service ONEA
Pluralis majestatis THEROYALWE
Te __: iconic Chickasaw actress ATA
Layer of very large eggs EMU
Grilled, in Mexican fare ASADA
Jefferson, for one DEIST
Slangy "Absolutely!" TOTES
Pixy __: candy STIX
Modern navigation aid URL
Some Spitzes, for short POMS
Rhetorical question to one who's too good to be true HOWAREYOUREAL
Scandinavian name akin to Nicholas NILS
"Code Switch" airer NPR
"No more!" STOP
Fired at the table? FLAMBE
Member of a Hindu trinity SHIVA
Ones with wide spines TOMES
Young partner ERNST
Image quality word RES
Long Reach Dusting System brand OXO
Rainforest visitor ECOTOURIST
Act naturally PLAYITCOOL
Chaps competitor IZOD
Powerful slitherer PINESNAKE
Red Lobster has one for kids MENU
Wolverines rivals SPARTANS
Meeting of two sides EDGE
Secrecy metaphors CLOSETS
Green flitter LUNAMOTH
How it's done EXECUTION
"The mind-killer," in Frank Herbert's "Dune" FEAR
1950 Pulitzer winner for the poetry collection "Annie Allen" GWENDOLYNBROOKS
Heart lines AORTAS
Order to go SHOO
"Barefoot Contessa" host Garten INA
Dwight's opponent ADLAI
Older efts NEWTS
Minister to TREAT
__ arts THEATRE
Symbols after many brand names TMS
Remote fillers AAS
Christian on a runway DIOR
Interlace ENMESH
Liz, to Richard, twice EXWIFE
Incite SPUR
Minor in astronomy? URSA
Shakespeare title starter ALLS
Like some summer shoes OPENTOE
Many a Top-40 hit LOVESONG
Outstanding and then some PASTDUE
Certain Saudi MECCAN
Stand-up comic Gilliam STU
Company that developed Bazooka Joe TOPPS
Yellow perennial OXLIP
Chief Tui's daughter, in a Disney film MOANA
One day, in "The Martian" SOL
Peak in Catania ETNA
Winter coat RIME
Ending with law YER
"Was __ das?" IST


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