Friday, June 29, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, June 30th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of June 30th 2018.

June 30th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Complies with a "Star Trek" order MAKESITSO
Larkish? HAPPY
Field reporter's signoff OVERTOYOU
Stan's partner OLLIE
Inspiration for many pop songs TEENANGST
Period of time SPELL
120 dozen? TENS
"I Miss You" (1994) R&B singer AARONHALL
Ring combination ONETWO
"Carmen" parts ARIAS
Gun offspring? SON
Giving relief to EASING
"Growing Up in New Guinea" author MEAD
Let out, say ALTER
In the worst way BADLY
Two-time A.L. HR leader Tony ARMAS
Wide-eyed NAIVE
Razor __ CLAM
Monty Python co-founder CLEESE
"Doctor Who" airer BBC
Eastern European capital SOFIA
Small '90s-'00s Nissan ALMERA
Worked the room SCHMOOZED
Inventor Sikorsky IGOR
"Politically Incorrect" host MAHER
Great Depression symbol BREADLINE
Putting to work USING
Dog school focus OBEDIENCE
Guiding principles MOTTOS
Johnson & Johnson brand AVEENO
Wayans family member KEENEN
"Trophy, Hypertrophied" artist ERNST
Stop: Abbr. STA
It's charged ION
"Rack City" rapper TYGA
McGwire rival SOSA
Left in the dust OUTRAN
President after Anwar HOSNI
"I would like that!" PLEASEDO
Difficult sort PILL
Scream YELL
Dot follower ORG
Paintball mementos WELTS
Citizenship promise OATH
Understand SEE
Sherlock's adversary Adler IRENE
Lofty peak ALP
Tint DYE
Lighting event? AHAMOMENT
Angled cut BEVEL
Super __ PAC
Browser bookmark URL
Blockbuster SMASHHIT
"Auld Scotland wants __ skinking ware": Burns NAE
Passport endorsement VISA
Tech boss CIO
Big name in taking it easy LAZBOY
Kicks off BEGINS
Super Bowl 50 champ BRONCO
Lean dangerously CAREEN
Bannister, for one MILER
Self-satisfied SMUG
Trophy holder CASE
"Law and Order: CI" actress Kathryn ERBE
They leave a lot of room for improvement DEES
Payroll service co. ADP
21-spot item, typically DIE


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