Monday, June 11, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, June 12th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of June 12th 2018.

June 12th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Condition before a storm CALM
Secure at the pier LASH
Swamp croaker TOAD
Hand lotion ingredient ALOE
Triangular Greek letter DELTA
Jackson 5 hairdo AFRO
Area behind velvet ropes, often VIPSECTION
Sci-fi hoverers UFOS
Cul-de-__ SAC
Completes a sentence? DOESTIME
Cholesterol-inhibiting drug LIPITOR
Smokey Bear TV ad, e.g. PSA
Scoundrel CAD
Sports drink suffix ADE
Stockpile AMASS
JFK's predecessor DDE
Favoring relatives in hiring NEPOTISM
Richter scale event SEISM
Pinch in a recipe DASH
Tourney winner CHAMP
Rotisserie rod SPIT
Pride members LIONS
Baggage claim bag SUITCASE
John of "Star Trek" (2009) CHO
Word of choice WHICH
So-so grade CEE
Tribute in verse ODE
Yellowfin tuna AHI
Book buyers READERS
Not-so-subtle verbal nudge HINTHINT
"O Sole __" MIO
Relaxing soak, or a financial soaking BATH
Former "SNL" regular known for Sinatra impressions JOEPISCOPO
Draft classification ONEA
Building extension ANNEX
Be acquainted with KNOW
Knitter's purchase YARN
Rock group BAND
Planted, as seed SOWN
Cleveland NBAer CAV
"Moonlight" Oscar winner Mahershala __ ALI
Chop off LOP
Argentine soccer superstar Lionel MESSI
Net judge's call LET
"Put __ on it!" ALID
Hunches over STOOPS
Underwear brand HANES
Tightly drawn TAUT
Commercial rental property OFFICESPACE
Candle shop allure AROMA
Provided with medicine DOSED
"Wonder Woman" publisher DCCOMICS
Bother a lot EATAT
Marquis de __ SADE
Arrive onshore LAND
Perfect example IDEAL
Beverage-named Denver arena PEPSICENTER
Reckless RASH
Roaring success SMASH
Blu-ray buy DISC
"Looks like trouble!" OHOH
Curry powder, e.g. ... and what each set of puzzle circles contains SPICEMIX
Unlikely GoFundMe donor MISER
"ABC World News Tonight" anchor David MUIR
Casual shirts TEES
Ark builder NOAH
Bangkok natives THAIS
Ryder of "Edward Scissorhands" WINONA
"Yippee!" OHBOY
Mythical hunter DIANA
Muslim woman's headscarf HIJAB
Comes to port DOCKS
Larger __ life THAN
Ky. neighbor TENN
One on foot, in signs PED
Musician Yoko ONO
"Kaboom!" POW
Part of MYOB OWN


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