Monday, June 25, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, June 26th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of June 26th 2018.

June 26th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Tug or ark BOAT
First assembly instruction STEPA
Mt. Rushmore's state SDAK
Gas brand on the Trans-Canada Highway ESSO
Word before basin or wave TIDAL
Actress Taylor LILI
"Now!" letters ASAP
Summer month in Argentina ENERO
"__ something I said?" ISIT
"Fast Times" school (Japan) RIDGEMONTHIGH
South Korean capital SEOUL
Bootlegger's gin container BATHTUB
Drag racer's fuel, briefly NITRO
Do penance ATONE
Actress Thurman UMA
2014 U.S. Women's Open champion (France) MICHELLEWIE
Hip-hoppers Salt-N-__ PEPA
Two under par EAGLE
Dexterous DEFT
North Atlantic stretch with no land borders (Mexico) SARGASSOSEA
Fleur-de-__ LYS
Ohio natives ERIES
Skin care prefix DERMA
Counts up TALLIES
Thinning atmospheric layer OZONE
Permission from the big boss ... and a hint to the ends of 20-, 35- and 42-Across (in the country indicated) FINALAPPROVAL
"Let's go!" CMON
"Chicago" actress Zellweger RENEE
Crass RUDE
Arctic chunk FLOE
News article intros LEDES
Tiger Woods' ex ELIN
Frying liquids OILS
Prefix with foam STYRO
Vaccine fluids SERA
Chicago NFL team BEARS
Actor Davis OSSIE
Pollo __: Latin American grilled chicken dish ASADO
Cruise/Kilmer action film TOPGUN
Education acronym for four fields of study STEM
Ex-Yankee Martinez TINO
Genesis garden EDEN
Medicare option PARTB
Honolulu hello ALOHA
Kitchen cloth DISHTOWEL
Boxer Laila ALI
Do-it-yourselfer's buy KIT
Single __: tournament format, briefly ELIM
Slanted type: Abbr. ITAL
Bring together UNIFY
Sugar sources BEETS
Deadlocks TIES
1977 George Burns film OHGOD
Unexpected victory UPSET
Stiller's comedy partner MEARA
Springtime prank APRILFOOL
Ultimatum word ELSE
Sideways glance LEER
Facial wrinkles AGELINES
F-foxtrot link ASIN
Latin love AMOR
Islands west of Portugal AZORES
British peers EARLS
Icy winter weather SLEET
Developing egg OVULE
Apex's opposite NADIR
Kagan of the Supreme Court ELENA
Mayberry's Sheriff Taylor ANDY
Look intently (at) PEER
Durango dinero PESO
Corp. money manager CFO
Mid-11th century year MLI


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