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LA Times Crossword Answers, June 24th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of June 24th 2018.

June 24th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Primary aspirant's challenge SMEAR
Tough test metaphor ABEAR
Skunk River city AMES
"Let's move it!" CMON
Historic Jordanian city PETRA
Tree native to southern Brazil BALSA
Bar purchase SOAP
1985 U.S. Open champ Mandlikova HANA
"Fire!," say? ALARMBELLOW
Pittsburgh Steelers' founder ARTROONEY
"Peer Gynt" widow ASE
Web portal since 1994 LYCOS
Egg-shaped wind instruments OCARINAS
Time to party NEWYEARS
Stopover spot INN
"Two and a Half Men" co-star CRYER
Subject to discussion ATISSUE
"Happy Days" actor BAIO
Unflappable COOL
Sprat no-no FAT
Fact or fiction starter NON
"That bloke is hurt!" FELLOWDOWN
Racer Yarborough CALE
Weaken by eroding UNDERMINE
Prefix with natal NEO
Muse of comedy THALIA
Scent ODOR
Age __ GAP
Crime lab holdings DNASAMPLES
Searches with a divining rod DOWSES
Stately steed ARAB
Chant, often MONOTONE
Planning considerations IFS
Disappointing digs for pigs? DRYWALLOW
Serving liquor, as a town WET
Dropped an egg? OVULATED
Puts into words VOICES
Mountaineer's rope fasteners CARABINERS
__-pitch SLO
Red Muppet ELMO
Jenna of "Dharma & Greg" ELFMAN
Big tower, briefly: Abbr. AAA
Demanded maximum effort ASKEDALOT
Takes to court SUES
Sign attracting wickerwork craftspeople? FREEWILLOW
Corrida chant OLE
Sonnet ending? EER
Baby marsupial JOEY
Cold, in Cartagena FRIA
Held in high regard ADMIRED
Capital on I-84 BOISE
Arabic "son of" IBN
Some Guggenheim works PICASSOS
Designated, perhaps incorrectly SOCALLED
Workout regimen TAEBO
Crazy Eights cousin UNO
"Hold on now, pal" WHOATHERE
High-tech all-night study aid? SMARTPILLOW
Jersey, for one ISLE
Bustles ADOS
Sushi bar supplier EELER
Hold in high regard ADORE
Impel GOAD
Child measures?: Abbr. TSPS
Snarky SNIDE
Red-carpet figure CELEB
Swimming pool adjunct SPA
Blanc behind Bugs MEL
LAX posting ETA
Orderly arrangements ARRAYS
Big name in Egyptian kings RAMSES
Fiver ABE
Quartet for walking? BALLS
TV hillbilly __ May Clampett ELLY
Withdrawn ASOCIAL
Ring on a burger RAWONION
__ rule ASA
Where Fez is MOROCCO
Make a humble retraction EATCROW
Bronzing method SPRAYONTAN
Tabernacle singers CHOIR
"The Insider" director Michael MANN
Fit for service ONEA
Floor opposition NAYS
Swain BEAU
Turgenev's birthplace OREL
Bamboozled SNOWED
Sitcom sign-off word NANU
Berkshire school ETON
Consumer who admires store displays? WINDOWSURFER
APR reducer REFI
Hard to make out BLEARY
Pale yellow, light brown, etc.? FALLOWCOLORS
Property recipient, in law ALIENEE
Afternoon services TEASETS
Start of a duel ENGARDE
Marlins manager Mattingly DON
Adm.'s subordinate CAPT
Masthead VIPs EDS
Caviar ROE
Wedding consequence, perhaps MRS
Med. care group HMO
Foot in a pound PAW
Spanish sherry AMOROSO
Farm female SOW
Bishop's jurisdiction DIOCESE
__ exam BAR
Room for a home theater DEN
"I'm not listening to you" LALALA
Hightails it LAMS
Professional org. since 1878 ABA
Presumed defense against mind-reading TINFOILHAT
Symbol of peace VEE
Ancient OLD
"__ Believer": '60s hit IMA
Issa __, creator of HBO's "Insecure" RAE
Deemed appropriate SAWFIT
Homes for F-16s AIRBASES
1957 war movie title river KWAI
Pat on a pancake, perhaps OLEO
Danson and Knight TEDS
Works on bare spots RESEEDS
Bit of ocular relief EYEDROP
Tackles, e.g. LINEMEN
Shocker JOLT
Victoria's Secret spec DCUP
Hit song from "Flashdance" MANIAC
Wagnerian soprano ISOLDE
Acted sheepishly? BAAED
Went (over) thoroughly PORED
Big belt SWIG
A jerk may serve one COLA
Indonesian resort island BALI
Slow start? ESS
One-third of nove TRE
Online guffaw LOL
Wash. neighbor ORE
Complex trap WEB


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