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LA Times Crossword Answers, June 25th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of June 25th 2018.

June 25th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Viking tales, say SAGAS
Actress Rooney or Kate MARA
Empty talk GAS
__ Lodge: motel chain ECONO
Tiny particle ATOM
Dropped in the mail SENT
*Question to the bartender WHATSONTAP
"The Simpsons" bus driver OTTO
Rogen of "Steve Jobs" SETH
Kumquat peel RIND
Demand from the judge ORDER
Bean product? IDEA
Fragrant hybrid bloom TEAROSE
Computer cord CABLE
Tight braid CORNROW
Coral rings ATOLLS
Mango seed PIT
Org. for the Minnesota Lynx WNBA
Brooks of "High Anxiety" MEL
*Subject of a neighborhood flier LOSTPET
Chum PAL
Salon foot treatment, briefly PEDI
It's burned during workouts FAT
New version of an old movie REMAKE
Orange Crush, e.g. SODAPOP
Hotel postings RATES
Belgian seaport known for its diamond shops ANTWERP
"Dream on!" ASIF
Countrified RURAL
Colossal HUGE
Spring flower IRIS
Golfer's chipping club IRON
Last detail that makes things perfect ... and what each answer to a starred clue has? FINALTOUCH
Questions ASKS
Home of leprechauns ERIN
__ Lauder ESTEE
Big name in jeans LEE
Dampens WETS
Snooped (around) NOSED
Works with thread SEWS
Ibuprofen target ACHE
Nanny or billy GOAT
Mound built by insects ANTHILL
Mariner's "Help!" SOS
Superfan to the max MANIAC
Address label abbr. ATTN
Traveling for away games ROADTRIP
Band booster AMP
*Master perfectly GETDOWNPAT
Poker prepayments ANTES
Strip mall unit STORE
One cause of tears SORROW
It's mined and refined ORE
Blade making waves OAR
Lenovo competitor DELL
Cross the threshold ENTER
Sleep in the woods, maybe CAMP
Suit to __ ATEE
*Daring action BOLDSTROKE
Decide one will OPTTO
Up to now SOFAR
Cook in the oven BAKE
Nanobrewery beverages ALES
Blue birthstone SAPPHIRE
Polo of "The Fosters" TERI
Dubuque natives IOWANS
Underworld family member MAFIOSO
California's Marina __ Rey DEL
Some polytheists PAGANS
Easy-to-read font ARIAL
Sip slowly NURSE
Pinch from le chef SEL
Knot or pound UNIT
Road grooves RUTS
Slushy drink brand ICEE
Backyard shelter SHED
Not a lot FEW
Hamilton's bill TEN


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