Friday, June 22, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, June 23rd 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of June 23rd 2018.

June 23rd 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
"The __ Book" JUNGLE
Eyjafjallajökull output ASH
"C'mon, be __!" APAL
Straighten out UNCOIL
It often has twists PLOTLINE
Treaty of Versailles region ALSACE
Apparent displacement due to observer movement PARALLAX
Website with a Certified Fresh seal ROTTENTOMATOES
"Don't Cry For Me Argentina" singer EVA
Word sung after the ball drops AULD
Ivan the Terrible, e.g. TSAR
Frat letters ZETAS
Loses focus BLURS
Gun designer __ Gal UZI
Object DEMUR
Hostile environment SNAKEPIT
Neatnik's nemesis SLOB
Work on a muffler KNIT
Invasion, for example ACTOFWAR
Big name in publishing KNOPF
Hundred Acre Wood denizen ROO
Makeup exam? ASSAY
Bergen's dumbest dummy SNERD
Fox relative SAUK
One with a unicorn as a heraldic symbol SCOT
"The __ of Pooh" TAO
Online exchange medium CRYPTOCURRENCY
Sarcastic "What a shame" OHBOOHOO
Make sparkle, in a way AERATE
Particle name that Fermi introduced to the scientific community NEUTRINO
Alligator kin CAIMAN
Bone on a menu OSSO
Cars that misfired badly? EDSELS
City across the river from El Paso JUAREZ
Far from popular UNLOVED
Wolfpack's home NCSTATE
Far from a fan favorite GOAT
Causes of some head scratching LICE
John Paul's successor ELENA
Team-ranking surveys, briefly APPOLLS
Sure thing SLAMDUNK
"Hava Nagila" dance HORA
Dole out ALLOT
Accumulates PILESUP
Cliff Palace dwellers ANASAZI
"The Joy of __": Brandreth's book for word buffs LEX
Body image? TAT
Popcorn buy TUB
Musical dir. RIT
Schoolyard comeback AMSO
Bacteria-fighting drug SULFA
Private, for one RANK
Pickup game team SKINS
Spats ROWS
Henry VI founded it in 1440 ETON
Some winds BASSOONS
Rear ends? ARS
Manager's staff COACHES
Gig transport TOURBUS
Animal in a Beatles ballad RACCOON
Term of endearment PETNAME
Repeating geometric pattern FRACTAL
"With or Without __": U2 song YOU
1997 protocol city KYOTO
Favor preceder? POR
It's not that THIS
Consume Food & Wine, say READ
Most massive known dwarf planet ERIS
Beatle bride ONO


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