Thursday, June 14, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, June 15th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of June 15th 2018.

June 15th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
"__ talks!": "Anna Christie" tagline GARBO
Pond floater SCUM
Fox Business competitor CNBC
2015 boxing film CREED
Ditty TUNE
Total REAL
Literary agents who sold "Catch-22"? HELLERREPS
Cuyahoga River outlet ERIE
Still unresolved ATISSUE
Were so inclined CAREDTO
Gumshoe TEC
Dates SEES
They test the waters: Abbr. EPA
Defective Chatty Cathys? RASPINGDOLLS
"Six Feet Under" creator Ball ALAN
Like metal concerts LOUD
___ de parfum EAU
Perfume samples, maybe ... or what this puzzle's circles are MAGAZINEINSERTS
NYC's Lex, e.g. AVE
Steam producer IRON
42-Across et al. RTES
Hanging out by the lockers, etc.? HALLPASTIMES
Note from someone in a hole IOU
Gerald R. Ford Award org. NCAA
Dadaist Jean ARP
Note taker's need MEMOPAD
Home to Iberia and Siberia EURASIA
"Oh, ri-i-ight" ASIF
Uncomfortable look from the queen? ROYALWINCE
Casual farewell TATA
Party mix staple CHEX
Sorbonne concepts IDEES
"Can it!" HUSH
"My only love sprung from my only __!": Juliet HATE
Swashbuckler's word GARDE
Popular IM service GCHAT
Glacial ridge ARETE
Museum piece RELIC
Units named for AT&T's founder BELS
Ukrainian port ODESSA
"The Deer Hunter" actress STREEP
Reminder CUE
Insensitive, briefly UNPC
Erosion formation MESA
Shudder-inducing sort, slangily CREEPO
"Check out the brain over here!" NERDALERT
Part of a sting BAIT
1963 Liz Taylor role CLEO
Is sorry about RUES
Fruity ale brand REDDS
Column part that's strictly ornamental? SILENTN
Genetics lab subject RNA
"__ won't back down": Tom Petty lyric NOI
__-shy GUN
Rushing, perhaps LATE
Work (out) SUSS
Indian nanny AMAH
Volcanic flower LAVA
Features of many kids' menus AGELIMITS
Close, as a duffel ZIPUP
Glass of "This American Life" IRA
Primes, e.g.: Abbr. NOS
Hectic hosp. zones ERS
Shower tool LOOFAH
Mountaineering tool ICEAXE
Hammering tool MAUL
Crop-eating insect EARWIG
He played a TV newsroom boss ASNER
Cut to bits RICED
Country, in Italy PAESE
Course where kids check products? MATH
Old Testament redhead ESAU
Prefix with rival ARCH
City where Al Jazeera is headquartered DOHA
Verdi princess AIDA
To this time YET


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