Wednesday, May 9, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, May 10th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of May 10th 2018.

May 10th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Bookie's concern ODDS
Wedge-shaped bones SACRA
Elite Eight org. NCAA
Bygone depilatory brand NEET
Cantilevered window ORIEL
Panhandler's income ALMS
Start of a business journey ENTRYLEVEL
Watery defense, perhaps MOAT
Hustle HIE
First name in bike stunts EVEL
Phased-out Secret Service weapon UZI
Way to get from 17- to 39-Across CORPORATELADDER
Doce meses ANO
Roll of bills WAD
Woolly mammal EWE
Seasonal song ender SYNE
Proceed tediously PLOD
Like pals who go way back OLD
Pinnacle of the journey EXECUTIVEOFFICE
Three Gorges project DAM
Former autocrat TSAR
Stat for Miguel Cabrera RBI
Menu phrase ALA
Letter before omega PSI
Way to get from 39- to 63-Across GOLDENPARACHUTE
Bygone greeting AVE
Site with digging RUIN
Witty remark MOT
Word with work or play BOOK
End of the journey RETIREMENT
Field of work LINE
Food poisoning cause ECOLI
Times past ERAS
Place of bliss EDEN
Summer Triangle star DENEB
WWI battle river YSER
Top 40 title for Metallica or U2 ONE
Resting place DEN
Las Vegas feature STRIP
Peruvian currency SOL
Occur ARE
Catlike carnivore CIVET
"Deathtrap" actor REEVE
Gene variant ALLELE
'60s hot spot NAM
Data storage medium CLOUD
Render speechless AMAZE
On the move ASTIR
Cry of pain YEOW
__ gravity LAWOF
Wholesale quantity CASE
Figurine material ONYX
Mesmerized RAPT
Wing it ADLIB
Dutch earthenware city DELFT
High-tech greeting ECARD
Fertility clinic specimens OVA
Big name in whisky DEWAR
Darker-than-ocher pigment UMBER
Cantina cooker OLLA
Threw CAST
Pelee Island's lake ERIE
Toughened INURED
Top of the heap ACME
Triangular part of a house GABLE
Roundish OVOID
Sierra __ LEONE
Pizza slice, say PIECE
Playwright Chekhov ANTON
Comfortably familiar HOMEY
Understanding KEN
Seine site ILE
Corduroy feature RIB
"Dream on, laddie" NAE
Original Dungeons & Dragons co. TSR


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