Monday, May 14, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, May 15th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of May 15th 2018.

May 15th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Lymph __ NODE
Offended smack SLAP
Catch some rays? FISH
Universal blood type, for short ONEG
Cursed SWORE
First bet in a summer World Series ANTE
Sharp tooth FANG
Purina product for a young tabby KITTENCHOW
Actress Hagen UTA
Comes down with GETS
Boca __, Florida RATON
Nickname for Coolidge SILENTCAL
Looks embarrassed ISRED
Popeye's energy source SPINACH
Syst. for the hearing-impaired ASL
Sci-fi writer Bradbury RAY
Extreme degree NTH
Grand Canyon State sch. ASU
Theater level LOGE
__ Dhabi: Persian Gulf port ABU
Fragrant evergreens PINES
More than pique IRE
Nutritious berry ACAI
Fitting APT
Toy dog, briefly POM
"__ be an honor" ITD
Tokyo's former name EDO
Most obsequious OILIEST
Force back REPEL
Toe-tapping number DANCETUNE
Classroom fixtures DESKS
Mai __: tiki drinks TAIS
Burgundy on screen RON
Riviera gambling destination MONTECARLO
Group activity at a Jewish wedding HORA
Mystical old letter RUNE
Bargaining group UNION
Still unfilled, as a position OPEN
Ocular woe STYE
TV screen meas. DIAG
Sassy PERT
Easy to prepare, in adspeak NOFUSS
How bettors may act ONATIP
Alaska's __ National Park DENALI
Breakfast staple EGG
Light activator SWITCH
Heaps of, informally LOTSA
Sculpture, paintings, etc. ART
Look closely (at) PEER
Britannica fodder FACTS
How people react to slasher films INHORROR
Prehistoric period STONEAGE
Chop with an axe HEW
Book of drawing paper SKETCHPAD
Clipper's target NAIL
Annoying flying insect GNAT
Boredom ENNUI
Cut with a surgical beam LASE
Easter coloring DYE
"Sneaking" feeling SUSPICION
Annoying crawling insect ANT
Word after time or term LIMIT
Pantomimed ACTEDOUT
With "a," someone undesirable ... and what's found in the circled letters? BADPENNY
Apple with earbuds IPOD
"Into Thin __": Jon Krakauer book AIR
Corrida cheers OLES
Actress Sommer ELKE
Bump's place, idiomatically ONALOG
Liechtenstein locale EUROPE
Nighttime noisemaker SNORER
Makeup maven Lauder ESTEE
Sunlit lobbies ATRIA
Gulf War weapon SCUD
Dash of flavor? MRS
"Wheel of Fortune" purchase ANI
Make like a bunny HOP


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