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LA Times Crossword Answers, May 7th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of May 7th 2018.

May 7th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
"I'm all __ it": "Yes" FOR
Pennies: Abbr. CTS
"Later, dude" BYE
Mil. strongholds FTS
Long Island university ADELPHI
Demonic laugh MWAHAHA
*Official emergency status CODERED
Month that once was eighth OCTOBER
Walked (on) TROD
*Angler's skill FLYCASTING
One getting private lessons TUTEE
Go down to defeat LOSE
__ Martin: Bond's car ASTON
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Frozen over ICY
Venue for exercise swimming LAPPOOL
Old golf club named for its copper alloy-plated face BRASSIE
*One who rats to the cops STOOLPIGEON
Spanish Mrs. SRA
Selassie worshiper RASTA
Type in ENTER
Arduous journey TREK
In style again RETRO
*Floater in a luxurious bath SOAPBUBBLE
"__ end up" THIS
Existing independent of experience, in logic APRIORI
List including nachos, sliders, wings, etc. ... and what the starts of the answers to starred clues comprise? BARMENU
Another year of Time, say RENEWAL
"Canyon With Crows" artist Georgia OKEEFFE
'60s radical gp. SDS
Antlered beast ELK
Opposite of ENE WSW
Birthday gift for a tot TOY
Almanac item FACT
Smell often funky ODOR
Decorate anew REDO
Basic technique in EMT training CPR
Stealing THEFT
Move laterally SIDLE
Coll. hotshot BMOC
Female leadership org. YWCA
One-named Milanese model FABIO
If-__: conditional statements THENS
NCO nickname SARGE
Resulted in LEDTO
"MASH" nickname HOTLIPS
Wine label number YEAR
7-Up nickname UNCOLA
Afflicts AILS
Ella's style SCAT
Wrong-key error TYPO
Beatles' "Let __" ITBE
Other, in Oaxaca OTRO
Car borrowed from a dealer LOANER
One-footed jumps HOPS
Landed ALIT
Whispered "Hey!" PSST
The Auld Sod EIRE
Stern area REAR
Trademark Buster Keaton hat with a culinary name PORKPIE
Clothing GARB
"I didn't do it" NOTME
Nicholas II was the last of them in Russia TSARS
Caught, as dogies ROPED
Gets by working EARNS
"Funny bone" spot ELBOW
Hardwood trees TEAKS
Boxer Riddick BOWE
It borders Siberia in the game of Risk URAL
Defraud BILK
Strain to lift HEFT
Recon collection INFO
Chop __ SUEY
Remote button with left-pointing arrows: Abbr. REW


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