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LA Times Crossword Answers, May 20th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of May 20th 2018.

May 20th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Fatah party chairman ABBAS
Battle souvenirs SCARS
Vanilla extract meas. TSP
Super Bowl stats TDS
Fairy tale villain CRONE
Saintly glows AURAS
"Desperate Housewives" character BREE
__ & Chandon Champagne MOET
Steepin' oats in water? SOAKINGRAIN
Take, as advice HEED
A few SOME
Provider of a big lift CRANE
Bush and Nixon: Abbr. VPS
Marathoner's lookin'-happy flush? RUNNINGLOW
Whale group POD
Lack of trouble EASE
"See ya later" IGOTTAGO
Processed food? ATE
Hopkins' role in "Thor" ODIN
Johnson Space Center humanoid project ROBONAUT
Put faith in TRUSTED
Dunham and Horne LENAS
Disallow BAN
"Cool it!" STOP
Great Lakes natives ERIES
Beaufort scale word GALE
Pol. neighbor LITH
__ wait: lurk LIEIN
Result of tossin' an old mitt on the fire? BURNINGLOVE
Chinese ethnic group that's the world's largest HAN
Org. seeking far-out life SETI
Physicians' org. AMA
50% of MIV DII
Fledgling NASCENT
Goat sound? HARDG
2007 National Soccer Hall of Fame inductee HAMM
1995 Stallone title role DREDD
Stand for a canvas EASEL
Base information? DATA
Energize AMPUP
Split into thirds TRISECT
Gym exercise unit REP
"__ the Senate!": Darth Sidious IAM
Snippy retort ISSO
Occurrence HAP
Layin' off football legend Red? FIRINGRANGE
Unrefined CRASS
Custardy pastry FLAN
Voice-activated iPad app SIRI
Blink, say REACT
Sign word beckoning a Canadian driver ESSO
Waze lines: Abbr. STS
Surprise in a bottle GENIE
In an edgy way TESTILY
Pigs with four tusks WARTHOGS
Petri dish gelatin AGAR
Blur in a tabloid pic UFO
"Cheers" actress Bebe NEUWIRTH
Escalator handle? OTIS
Cape Town locale: Abbr. RSA
Takin' first place at the Olympics? GETTINGOLD
Phase out END
First king of Crete MINOS
Mushroomed GREW
Brownie, maybe GIRL
Muttered complaint about a toe woe that's really hurtin'? BLEEPINGOUT
Yale's Ingalls Rink designer Saarinen EERO
Males who meow TOMS
"Nothing for me" IMSET
Cause for a pause COMMA
"L.A. Law" actress DEY
CDC overseer HHS
Sounds shocked GASPS
Big Bertha's birthplace ESSEN
Apt. coolers ACS
Etiquette on frat row BROCODE
Lettin' the family elder onto the plane? BOARDINGRAMPS
"My Way" lyricist ANKA
It flows below the Pont Neuf SEINE
Droop SAG
Slider option CURVEBALL
"I don't give __!" ARAP
Granola morsel RAISIN
Job application no. SSN
Former Senator Lott TRENT
Witnessed visiting SEENAT
Purebred family tree PEDIGREE
"You missed it" TOOLATE
Reduces in rank DEMOTES
__ prunes STEWED
Former Pakistani prime minister Benazir BHUTTO
Chinese sauce additive MSG
In the area NEAR
Beat soundly ROUT
Keep healthy NOURISH
D.C. dealmaker POL
One may be choked back SOB
Deep cuts GASHES
Chapati alternative NAAN
Chip topper ONIONDIP
"Nothing Compares 2 U" singer O'Connor SINEAD
Dove into home, say SLID
Prepares (for) PLANS
Geraint's beloved ENID
Show stoppers TVADS
Trainee INTERN
Island band The __ Men BAHA
Fish sauce taste UMAMI
Saddle bands GIRTHS
Summer itch cause HEATRASH
Preparin' husbands-to-be? TRAININGROOMS
Luggage tie-on IDTAG
Director DeMille CECIL
Up for it GAME
Mideast capital MUSCAT
Wipe clean ERASE
Centipede's many LEGS
Popular soup mushroom PORCINI
Diligence EFFORT
Fuddy-duddy PRIG
Unable to back out INTOODEEP
58.4 square miles, for Minneapolis AREA
Verbosely ATLENGTH
Foul caller REFEREE
Arcane stuff ESOTERY
Gulps down SWILLS
Reddish-brown chalcedony SARD
Postulate starter IASSUME
Nolan Ryan's 1.69 in 1981: Abbr. ERA
Manga series about gaming YUGIOH
Louise's pal THELMA
__ Valley SIMI
They often get hooked WORMS
From that time SINCE
Quantity in a brace TWO
Capone adversary NESS
Oxfam and PETA, for two NGOS
Trending BIG
Hoops stat: Abbr. PTS
What a Hawaii vacationer may come home with TAN


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