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LA Times Crossword Answers, May 28th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of May 28th 2018.

May 28th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Emulated Pinocchio LIED
Gas and oil FUELS
Puppy sound YIP
Charitable gift ALMS
"How awful!" OHDEAR
Artist Yoko ONO
Simon & Schuster, for example PUBLISHINGHOUSE
Sch. in Charlottesville UVA
Leave speechless STUN
Path around the sun ORBIT
Jimi Hendrix classic PURPLEHAZE
Longtime senator Kennedy TED
Poetic "above" OER
Like stretchy waistbands ELASTIC
Spot on the tube TVAD
Hitching post? ALTAR
Dove's call COO
Rolled-up bunch of money WAD
Acidity measurement range ... and where you'll find 17-, 23-, 50- and 60-Across? PHSCALE
Sing with a closed mouth HUM
Memorable boxer ALI
Highways and byways ROADS
Stinging insect WASP
Solarium SUNROOM
CIA relative NSA
Series-ending abbr. ETC
Sort in compartments PIGEONHOLE
Mascara mishap SMEAR
Westernmost of the Aleutian Islands ATTU
Chicken __ POX
One's cleanliness habits PERSONALHYGIENE
Young Skywalker's nickname ANI
Lighter filler BUTANE
Uncle Remus rabbit's title BRER
"Delish!" YUM
Ply with alcohol BESOT
Shopping place MART
Drink from a bowl LAPUP
Candy heart words ILUVU
Imprison EMBAR
ISP alternative DSL
Kind of child or parent FOSTER
Twin Cities suburb EDINA
Novelist Deighton LEN
Hollywood's __ Awards SAG
"Darn tootin'!" YOUBETCHA
Treacherously sneaky INSIDIOUS
Frost or Browning POET
Pi follower RHO
Cruise stop ISLE
Disposal scraps ORTS
Sci-fi escape vehicle POD
Greek Zs ZETAS
Israeli airline ELAL
Exist ARE
Give a free pass COMP
First word in Moore's Christmas poem TWAS
Eatery list including 99-cent items VALUEMENU
For now, in Latin ADINTERIM
"Me too" ASAMI
PC monitor type LCD
Expert PRO
Hula __ HOOP
Sob syllable WAH
Early color TVs RCAS
"Wait a bit longer" NOTYET
Like a bug in a rug SNUG
Fancy parties GALAS
Prefix with centric ETHNO
Rossini work OPERA
No social butterfly LONER
Apply, as pressure EXERT
Fix at the vet SPAY
Knock over, as a bank ROB
Pencil remnant NUB
Had lunch ATE
PC pioneer IBM


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