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LA Times Crossword Answers, May 21st 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of May 21st 2018.

May 21st 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Pet adoption org. ASPCA
Sore after exercise ACHY
Landlocked African nation CHAD
They're entered in court PLEAS
One of Pittsburgh's three rivers OHIO
Hawaii County seat HILO
Like #1 hits TOPRANKING
Wide-eyed AGOG
Buffet fuel STERNO
Sewn medical treatment STITCHES
36 inches YARD
"So that's your game!" OHO
Auto loan default result REPO
Stands for sheets with notes MUSICRACKS
Key with one sharp: Abbr. EMIN
Rice field PADDY
Shirt with a slogan TEE
School basics ABCS
Pub beer orders PINTS
Cup of joe JAVA
Writing desk room, perhaps DEN
Classic orange soda FANTA
Inch or mile, e.g. UNIT
For a full license, it's 17 or 18 in most states DRIVINGAGE
Macy's department MENS
LeBron, e.g., briefly CAV
Nose-in-the-air type SNOB
Challenging words IDAREYOU
Privy to the scheme INONIT
Sushi seaweed NORI
Humor shared by a select few ... and by this puzzle's circles INSIDEJOKE
Leg joint KNEE
Litter yippers PUPS
Sufferer healed by Jesus LEPER
Apt "ayes" anagram YEAS
Exxon, formerly ESSO
Substitutes' squad BTEAM
Tenants' qtrs. APTS
Vegas machine SLOT
Le Pew of skunkdom PEPE
Bags you don't check CARRYONS
Yoga position ASANA
Hunky-dory AOK
Letters after phis CHIS
Dash, as of a spice HINT
Quotable Berra YOGI
"One, two, one-two-three" dance CHACHA
Like more efficient gas HIGHOCTANE
Botanical balm ALOE
Kennel barkers DOGS
Usual NORM
Whig rival TORY
Fooling DUPING
Check, as an invoice READD
Fireplace glower EMBER
Park place with tables PICNICAREA
North Pole letter recipient SANTA
4-Down attachments IDTAGS
DJ's assortment CDS
Actor Costner KEVIN
4-Down may be stored under them SEATS
Flying Peter PAN
747, e.g. JUMBOJET
Pentagon side count FIVE
Isn't the same for everyone VARIES
Oklahoma city ENID
16 oz. ONELB
Pitch-black INKY
All finished DONE
"Jeepers!" YIPE
Heavy burden ONUS
Govt. mail agency USPS
"Uh-uh" NOPE
Flat-package furniture chain IKEA
Senate six years TERM
Prefix with metric ISO


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