Thursday, May 17, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, May 18th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of May 18th 2018.

May 18th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
IMDb listing CAST
Sylvester and others CATS
Biblical voyager NOAH
Put out in the open AVOW
Predecessors of much email: Abbr. LTRS
Pasta tubes PENNE
Shakespeare's riverside haunt? BAROFAVON
Spanish wine region RIOJA
On fire LIT
Irresistible desire LUST
Plead to be given BEGFOR
Overjoys ELATES
Snow-day play? SLUSHFUN
Need to return the favor to OWE
Ambitious sort TYPEA
H.S. course SCI
Essential pig? KEYBOAR
Biblical voyage serving that probably upset some passengers? ARKMEAT
Cork's place: Abbr. IRE
"There's no choice for me" IMUST
Takes responsibility for OWNS
Tack on ADD
Poor wig maintenance? RUGABUSE
Kind of family ONECAR
World's most cultivated avocado, named for its developer HASS
Roleo surface LOG
Goes down SINKS
Sadness ... or, read another way, what five puzzle answers have in common DEJECTION
Steps over a fence STILE
Line 32 items on 1040 forms IRAS
Not working IDLE
"Ah, right" ISEE
Cousteau's milieux MERS
Not as much LESS
Internet provider CABLE
In a way, in a way SORTA
__-faced TWO
Sentence component CLAUSE
Off-road rec equipment ATVS
Lenin frenemy TROTSKY
Nine-digit ID SSN
Horseplay outbursts? NEIGHS
Switch words ONOFF
Pear variety ANJOU
Basketball Hall of Fame announcer Chick HEARN
Treat before washing PRESOAK
Went really fast FLEW
Seller's need BUYER
Sepulcher TOMB
Wash against gently LAPAT
__ patrol SKI
QE2 designation HER
Word of assent AYE
Bridge support TRUSS
Finalize, with "up" SEW
Cylindrical container CAN
Word often improperly punctuated ITS
Kind of paint OILBASE
Pepé Le Pew's pursuit AMOUR
Fashion MODE
"Wait a minute!" SEEHERE
Barnyard sound CACKLE
Pancake, for one DISC
Martini partner ROSSI
Apartments or condos UNITS
"Friend Like Me" singer in "Aladdin" GENIE
Arrive at a base, maybe SLIDE
Trade things TOOLS
Keats' "The Eve of St. __" AGNES
Open slightly AJAR
Badly lit DIM
Shop __ you drop TIL


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