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LA Times Crossword Answers, May 14th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of May 14th 2018.

May 14th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Big name in PCs ACER
Play idly, as a guitar THRUM
Not that THIS
With 15-Across, station with a hook and ladder FIRE
With 16-Across, indoor chores HOUSE
With 28-Across, tireless sort WORK
Particle for Fermi ATOM
Out-of-use anesthetic ETHER
Blunted blade EPEE
One fighting back RESISTER
"The Quiet American" novelist Graham __ GREENE
First stage of grief DENIAL
Firmly resolved (against) DEADSET
Election winners INS
Company head BOSS
With 31-Across, big biting insect HORSE
With 32-Across, sticky strip FLY
With 40-Across, bills to pay with PAPER
Big cheese EXEC
Wide shoe size EEE
Azerbaijan's capital BAKU
With 42-Across, financier MONEY
With 43-Across, strength needed for a team job MAN
With 61-Across, turn off, as a computer POWER
Censor's target SMUT
Friend of Frodo SAM
Elk relative REDDEER
Dungarees DENIMS
Mistakes ERRORS
Hand-tightened fasteners WINGNUTS
Galway Bay's __ Islands ARAN
New Orleans NFLer SAINT
Lotion additive ALOE
With 62-Across, Australia DOWN
With 63-Across, attempt UNDER
With 14-Across, become ignited TAKE
"Do it, or __!" ELSE
Wordsworth words POESY
Fed. power dept. ENER
A long way off AFAR
Credited in a footnote CITED
Like jagged edges EROSE
Wax nostalgic REMINISCE
Angle symbols THETAS
Marriott or Hyatt HOTEL
German industrial region RUHR
Apply USE
Traffic slowdown spots MERGES
Coarse cloth TWEED
Aspirations HOPES
Cara of "Fame" IRENE
Trapshooting SKEET
Triangle ratio SINE
Farrier's abrasive tool RASP
Elder statesman DOYEN
Sound from the fold BLEAT
Sewn edge HEM
Kitchenware brand OXO
Stimpy's sidekick REN
Thigh bone FEMUR
Cat foot PAW
Just get (by) EKE
Capek's robot play RUR
1914 battle river YSER
Hunger twinge PANG
Really botch MESSUP
"Who goes there?" guard SENTRY
Aptly named novelist READE
Swashbuckling Flynn ERROL
Tied chess games DRAWS
"Death, be not proud" poet DONNE
Uses the good china DINES
Disney's Chinese warrior MULAN
Feed, as a fire STOKE
Like a 10-lane highway WIDE
Tarot reader SEER
Chilean year ANO


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