Tuesday, May 15, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, May 16th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of May 16th 2018.

May 16th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
__ media MASS
Last year's frosh SOPH
With 65-Across, it has a 54-Across, so they say EVERY
Bug bite symptom ITCH
Indonesian boat PROA
British prime minister before Brown BLAIR
"Cooking From the Hip" chef Cat __ CORA
Prilosec target ACID
Well-manored men? LORDS
Pigs and hogs SWINE
Nov. voting time TUES
Dead heat TIE
"Don't incriminate yourself!" ADMITNOTHING
Platters from the past LPS
"Otello" baritone IAGO
"__ and Louis": 1956 jazz album ELLA
Marjoram kin OREGANO
Like the Constitution, 27 times AMENDED
"Unforgettable" father or daughter COLE
Nerve cell transmitter AXON
Sci-fi extras ETS
1983 Lionel Richie #1 song ALLNIGHTLONG
Guitar great Paul LES
Bring in REAP
New, to Neruda NUEVA
Upside of 9-Across/65-Across ... and, chemically speaking, what each pair of circles represents SILVERLINING
Storage towers SILOS
City on its own lake ERIE
Morally repugnant EVIL
Fill with delight ELATE
Pie containers TINS
"La Dolce __" VITA
See 9-Across CLOUD
Ford contemporary OLDS
Eden exile ADAM
Layered silicate MICA
Tiny physics units ATOMS
Threaded hardware SCREW
Islamic law SHARIA
Guy who is out of this world? SPACEMAN
Killer whale ORCA
Indicate with an index finger POINTTO
Lived it up HADFUN
Online marketing technique EBLAST
YouTube journal VLOG
Musical gift EAR
Relieved (of) RID
Trips around the sun: Abbr. YRS
Gandhi's land INDIA
Early-to-mid-August baby LEO
El Niño feature? TILDE
Shoreline recess INLET
"Jeepers!" EGADS
"May __ now?" IGO
Lady bird HEN
From this area LOCAL
Humble worker, briefly PROLE
Succeeds commercially SELLS
Bk. with the ark story GEN
Rocker Rose AXL
Like a particularly dark sky after sunset MOONLESS
The blahs ENNUI
In imminent danger ATPERIL
Opened or closed, as a lens aperture IRISED
Hairdresser's goop GEL
Swiss convention city GENEVA
Brilliantly colored VIVID
Soul singer Baker ANITA
Annual Jan. speech, in Twitter hashtags SOTU
Orange skin RIND
Flashy rock genre GLAM
"Wait a __!" SEC
Under the weather ILL
Poet __-tzu LAO


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