Friday, May 11, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, May 12th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of May 12th 2018.

May 12th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Bubbly stuff FOAM
Skiing venue LAKE
"Got it, man!" IMHIP
Inventory evaluation acronym LIFO
Very top APEX
Babysitter, maybe NIECE
Mtn. stats ALTS
Superstitious warning DONTJINXIT
Word in Montana's motto ORO
Pre-Columbian stoneworker INCA
Apollo's place HARLEM
Word with window or rum BAY
Beach bird GULL
One with secrets to tell SPY
Some judicial officials MAGISTRATES
Want-ad letters EEO
Get one's signals crossed, say ERR
Creative writing assignment POEM
Assurance of honesty TRUSTME
"That's a little better" ITHELPS
Forced-air system output HEAT
Phi-psi link CHI
Astounded reaction OOH
Workplace dispute negotiator LABORLAWYER
When repeated, a football chant OLE
Cry of dismay ALAS
What candles may represent AGE
Phnom __ PENH
Single dose? DAT
Most unusual ODDEST
Bush 43, for one EXGOVERNOR
Kitchen addition? ETTE
Spaghetti Western director Sergio LEONE
Cry out loud BAWL
An earring may be shaped like one PEAR
Vicks brand SINEX
Page with views OPED
Sailing group TARS
Undesirably rapid hardening of concrete FLASHSET
Specialized painting surface OILPAPER
Words spoken with a gentle hand gesture AFTERYOU
German wine valley MOSEL
Billboard #1 song in 1975 and 2001 LADYMARMALADE
Mil. address APO
Vader enemy KENOBI
Loaded with heat EXTRASPICY
Pasta ending INI
Lesser component of "The Legend of Zelda," say MINIGAME
Six-sided fastener HEXNUT
Winter hangover? ICICLE
Flower girl's tossings PETALS
"Let every heart prepare him room" song JOYTOTHEWORLD
Greek goddess of the harvest DEMETER
Mata Hari portrayer GRETAGARBO
Brought back to work REHIRED
Tribe that sold horses to Lewis and Clark SHOSHONE
Leaves in a chest LOOSETEA
Nocturnal travel guide POLESTAR
Stray protection SHELTERS
Places for pins LAPELS
Former Soviet premier Kosygin ALEXEI
Hit hard BANGON
Hand-wiping item WETNAP
Well-rehearsed ADEPT
Be behind OWE


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