Friday, May 4, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, May 5th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of May 5th 2018.

May 5th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
"This is so humbling" IMHONORED
One skilled in moderation HOST
Literally, "something for something" QUIDPROQUO
"Once more __ the breach": "Henry V" UNTO
"Deadwood" actress Jewell GERI
Chiller ICE
Virginia senator Kaine TIM
Firing site KILN
"__ Meenie": Kingston/Bieber hit EENIE
Certain fisher EELER
Not following anyone OUTFRONT
New York home of the Himalayan Highlands BRONXZOO
Duck Hunt platform NES
Southwestern plant whose oil is used in cosmetics JOJOBA
"It's out of my hands" ITRIED
Rival of SEA and OAK LAA
"Okay, here's the deal" SOLISTEN
Design that's just over a foot ANKLETAT
"¿Cómo __?" ESTAS
Back at the track BETON
Dali contemporary SERT
Subtle signal NOD
Coolidge is famous for it TERSENESS
Sched. uncertainty TBA
What contacts may help EYES
Irreverent one BLASPHEMER
Algonquian language CREE
Drink with a croissant, maybe CAFEAULAIT
Toy truck name HESS
What's often on the following page NEXTMONTH
Short notice? IQUIT
Ball State University city MUNCIE
Fugitive's plea HIDEME
Often flowery words ODE
"Ask Me Another" co-producer NPR
Hosp. areas ORS
Texter's "Too funny!" ROTFL
Semiannual astronomical event EQUINOX
"C'mon, bro!" DUDE
Affectionate sort HUGGER
Interview, often ONEONONE
Hardly harmonious STRAINED
Going places? TOILETS
Thimble Theatre name OYL
Clear-cut, as for lumber DEFOREST
Lamp filler KEROSENE
1950 story collection including "The Evitable Conflict" IROBOT
Voting Rights Act pres. LBJ
Action movie pieces UZIS
Walk unsteadily TOTTER
One of the original singers of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" NALA
Novel first credited to Currer Bell JANEEYRE
Symbols of strength OAKTREES
Safety's stat. INT
Test giver LABTECH
"You can come out now" ITSSAFE
They can be eaten or absorbed LOSSES
Scott Lang, when in costume ANTMAN
"Very well" SOBEIT
Newark's county ESSEX
Title for Sidious DARTH
"Superstore" airer NBC
Record-setting Lady Vols basketball coach Summitt PAT
Go smoothly HUM
"Shine a Little Love" band, to fans ELO


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