Wednesday, January 31, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, February 1st 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of February 1st 2018.

February 1st 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Rankles IRKS
Go higher CLIMB
Burgoo or ragout STEW
Harvest REAP
Speeder spotter RADAR
Dance for a lei person HULA
Cornstarch brand in a yellow-and-blue container ARGO
String in a kids' song EIEIO
African antelope ORYX
Baltimore's __ Harbor INNER
Enjoy Vail SKI
Podded plant PEA
Fountain output SODAS
Rest area freebie MAP
Mother Nature's balm ALOE
"The Glass Lake" writer Binchy MAEVE
Trillion: Pref. TERA
Worthless item PLUGGEDDIME
"Mamma Mia!" number SOS
Slow movement LARGO
Move through muck SLOSH
Kennedy twins? ENS
Luthor of the comics LEX
Infield fly POPUP
Economic factor that affects three puzzle answers INFLATIONRATE
Naan relative ROTI
Demand and obtain, as vengeance EXACT
Adopt-a-Pet pet MUTT
"Dilbert" intern ASOK
Comparatively friendly NICER
Geek Squad client USER
LGBT Pride Month JUNE
2017 A.L. MVP José Altuve, for one ASTRO
Kirkuk native IRAQI
"Seinfeld" episode, now RERUN
See 53-Down KAGAN
Reproductive bodies SPORES
Hudson Bay nation CREE
Bear's home LAIR
One may be called bright when it isn't IDEA
"Downton Abbey" figures MAIDS
Forest babbler BROOK
Christian Louboutin creation SHOE
Tolls are taken on them TURNPIKES
Bridge expert Culbertson ELY
Candle stuff WAX
Easy gait TROT
Tubular pasta ZITI
Summer month in Uruguay ENERO
Book with 11-Down ATLAS
St. Paul's feature DOME
Minimally ATAD
Drops, as pounds SHEDS
Part of ACA ACT
Scott Joplin's "__ Leaf Rag" MAPLE
Literary middle name ALLAN
Goes all out POURSITON
Downright nasty EVIL
"Finding Dory" character NEMO
__ salad EGG
Club sport GOLF
"Around the Horn" channel ESPN
Strait of __: Persian Gulf outlet HORMUZ
With 3-Down, justice since 2010 ELENA
Graph line XAXIS
Hesitation PAUSE
Unmitigated UTTER
Chemical prefix? PETRO
Maker of LeBron 15 basketball shoes NIKE
Delicate handling TACT
Pastry prettifier ICER
Other, in España OTRO
British rule in India RAJ
The Cowboys of the Big 12 Conf. OSU


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