Wednesday, January 10, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, January 11th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of January 11th 2018.

January 11th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Splendor POMP
Lara Croft targets TOMBS
In that case THEN
Jamba Juice berry ACAI
"Tommy" is one OPERA
Chewy Hershey candy ROLO
Activates, as a security system ARMS
Tossed course SALAD
Company that introduced Styrofoam DOW
Spacek of "Bloodline" SISSY
Things to avoid NONOS
Foamy pick-me-up LATTE
Defeat decisively TROMP
Tied in the harbor MOORED
Flowing garment CAPE
__ Paulo, Brazil SAO
Roman poet who coined "carpe diem" HORACE
Creator of Iceland's Imagine Peace Tower ONO
Sleep on it BUNKBED
"SNL" writer/actor Michael CHE
"Becket" star OTOOLE
Auction ending? EER
Inert gas NEON
Not very often SELDOM
Like some poll questions YESNO
Youngsters TYKES
Hamlet cousins TOWNS
Put down ABASE
Crone HAG
Knuckleheads TWITS
Wild bunches MOBS
Count on it TALLYSHEET
Lawn pest MOLE
"That's too bad" AWGEE
It might be a whole lot ACRE
Follow instructions OBEY
Covert agent PLANT
Safari shelter TENT
Bear feet PAWS
Aquaman's realm OCEAN
__ Cup: classic candy in a yellow wrapper MALLO
Hot and spicy PICANTE
Young Spider-Man portrayer Holland TOM
Pundit's piece OPED
Short note MEMO
Wild fight BRAWL
Suppressed, with "on" SAT
False friend TRAITOR
Shade trees ELMS
Way too interested NOSY
Dumpster output ODOR
Put up with STOOD
"Well, sorrrr-ry!" SOSUEME
Massachusetts college or its town AMHERST
"Holy smokes!" MAN
Letter between Delta and Foxtrot ECHO
"It Ain't All About the Cookin'" memoirist Paula DEEN
Pigeon calls COOS
Poker stake ANTE
Bank on it POOLTABLE
Cause of a buzz BEE
Adventurous trip ODYSSEY
"Another problem?" NOWWHAT
Forget-me-__: flowers NOTS
Shoulder warmer SHAWL
Jenna, to Jeb NIECE
Unsmiling STERN
Firing range supply AMMO
Doofus BOOB
Pond plant ALGA
Small valley GLEN
Editor's mark STET
You may feel one on your shoulder TAP
Even so YET


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