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LA Times Crossword Answers, January 27th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of January 27th 2018.

January 27th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Longtime employer of 26-Down ABCSPORTS
Double shot? STUNT
"Geek sighting!" NERDALERT
"Mad TV" alum Lange ARTIE
Runway-ready DRESSEDUP
Boarding pass data ZONES
Pay stub abbr. YTD
Kid gloves, so to speak CARE
Turn down REJECT
City on Lake Michigan GARY
African capital formerly called Salisbury HARARE
"Cool, dude!" GNARLY
Court dance PAVANE
Hard-to-count quantity PILES
Emit a powerful magnetic force? OOZECHARM
It's all downhill from here ACME
Hoofed it HIKED
Comics pooch ODIE
They're matched by foundations SKINTONES
Take forcibly WREST
Like milk of magnesia CHALKY
"You Gotta Be" soul singer DESREE
Old-time feature film preceders SHORTS
Corduroy feature WALE
Rose __: reddish mineral QUARTZ
Big name in hair trimmers WAHL
Big Ten sch. that competes for the Paul Bunyan Trophy MSU
Singer __ Marie TEENA
Exposes to public scorn PILLORIES
Goldbrick IDLER
Ruins things? ARTIFACTS
1790s political powder keg XYZAFFAIR
"Honey, I'm Good" singer Grammer ANDY
"Sesame Street" roommate BERT
Street __ CRED
'60s protest org. SDS
Units of pressure PASCALS
Owner of a legendary lantern kicker OLEARY
Put through the wringer again? REDRY
"Can't argue with that" TRUE
Brand sold at Pep Boys STP
Official cocktail of New Orleans SAZERAC
Agent that undermines from within TROJANHORSE
"Cure Ignorance" magazine UTNEREADER
Victoria, to William IV NIECE
One of many taken in school TEST
Rhapsodized RAVED
Britt Reid's alter ego GREENHORNET
Shore weather phenomena HAZES
Med school admissions data GPAS
__ of time NICK
"Miracle on Ice" commentator ALMICHAELS
Cooler POKEY
Hog calls OINKS
Obey a court order RISE
Parcel (out) METE
1980s-'90s Notre Dame football coach Lou HOLTZ
Medieval Turko-Mongol settlers TARTARS
Comfortable WELLOFF
National flower of Mexico DAHLIA
Jacket material SUEDE
Strauss piece WALTZ
Common applicator QTIP
Like an Irish Terrier's outer coat WIRY
Flaky mineral MICA
Long-distance calling org.? SETI
"Miracle on Ice" loser USSR
__ Romana PAX
Battle of Britain gp. RAF


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