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LA Times Crossword Answers, January 14th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of January 14th 2018.

January 14th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
"I'm waiting ... " TAPTAP
"Volunteers?" ANYONE
Bobbing refuse FLOTSAM
Word with man or dope INSIDE
Like typical laundromats COINOP
Affluent San Diego community LAJOLLA
Tolerate shrubland? STANDTHEHEATH
Crowd-drawing bars INSPOTS
Ancient queen, familiarly CLEO
Pot for paella OLLA
Sicilian six SEI
Sports figure STAT
Sewer needs PATTERNS
MLB set a season record for them in 2017 HRS
Times to call, in ads EVES
Markers IOUS
Submerged threat REEF
Office supply quantity REAM
Term in wrestling or bowling PIN
Doctor's orders XRAYS
Receiver of many letters SANTA
Actress Kathryn ERBE
Pocket breads PITAS
Franklin's 1936 opponent ALF
Spanish coin EURO
Local pic shower NABE
Distress signal? OHMY
One who's learned SCHOLAR
Pres. after USG RBH
Langley org. CIA
Online exchange, briefly IMS
Troon turndowns NAES
Texas team's fair exhibit? COWBOYBOOTH
Basie's "__'Clock Jump" ONEO
Director DuVernay AVA
Actor Vigoda ABE
Bard's dusk EEN
Lumber mill workers SAWYERS
BOLO target PERP
It can be hammered out DENT
Runway adornment SASH
"__ me ae spark o' Nature's fire": Burns GIE
London's __ Modern TATE
Some Deco works ERTES
Sea, with "the" DEEP
Maestro Georg SZELL
Different OTHER
Loyalty from a farm bird? TURKEYTROTH
Overtake in a race, in a way LAP
Grammy winner Jason MRAZ
Schoolmarmish PRIM
One given to forward looks SEER
Similar AKIN
East Lansing sch. MSU
"How clever of you!" NEATIDEA
Office supplies, or, minus a letter, a supplier of them STAPLERS
Nashville attraction OPRY
Spanish 116-Down ANO
Howard's wife, to the Fonz MRSC
Letters before a view IMHO
Half of nothing new? SAMEOLD
Successful religious conversion? FAITHACCOMPLI
Peru neighbor ECUADOR
"The Wind in the Willows" croaker MRTOAD
Saw-toothed SERRATE
Blouse partners SKIRTS
Already-seen fare RERUNS
"'__ some visitor,' I muttered ... ": Poe TIS
__ farm ANT
TV awareness-raiser PSA
Confuse ADDLE
Teenage Russian emperor (1727-1730) PETERII
Pitching staff leader ACE
Acronymic NYC neighborhood NOHO
Give in YIELD
N.T. book EPH
Paper under a wiper FLIER
Man-made Georgia lake LANIER
Screwdriver parts, for short OJS
Apparatus that breeds laziness? SLOTHMACHINE
Union setting ALTAR
Spinnaker holders MASTS
Writer __ de Balzac HONORE
Tortilla treat SOFTTACO
Livens (up) PEPS
Nike competitor AVIA
N.C. neighbor TENN
Bolivian capital SUCRE
Red Square honoree LENIN
__ roles SEX
Literally, "under city" SUBURB
Ponte Vecchio's river ARNO
See the bet CALL
__-Croatian SERBO
They're hard to break HABITS
Decision makers have them SAYSOS
New Mexico art hub TAOS
Witch enemy of Popeye SEAHAG
False front FACADE
"Without a doubt" OHYES
Acknowledge the brass SNAPTO
Admonition CAVEAT
Sound from a dying fire? HEARTHMURMUR
Stack seen on-screen ROBERT
Approached WENTUPTO
Small and glittering, like eyes BEADY
Beginnings ONSETS
Court cry OYEZ
Something made on a star? WISH
Jury member PEER
Country singer Gibbs TERRI
Glass-raised word HERES
Accident investigation clue SKIDMARK
__ license POETIC
Sommer of "The Prize" ELKE
Animal house LAIR
Hosp. personnel LPNS
Headed up RAN
Academic retirees EMERITI
Ore carrier TRAMCAR
Gung-ho type ZEALOT
10-time Gold Glove winner Roberto ALOMAR
Early receiver of tablets MOSES
__ bar SPACE
Netman Agassi ANDRE
Fur tycoon ASTOR
Suffix with xeno- PHOBE
English 117-Across YEAR
Series of 69-Across CHAT
"Ghost" psychic __ Mae Brown ODA
Radio settings FMS
Reasons for some sportscast split screens ADS
Big Ten sch. PSU
Novelist Deighton LEN
Picks out of a mug book IDS


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