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LA Times Crossword Answers, January 30th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of January 30th 2018.

January 30th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Vulgar LEWD
Cancel, as a mission ABORT
Leave in a hurry BAIL
Gobi Desert continent ASIA
Calf-roping event RODEO
"The __ Duckling" UGLY
Writer Ayn RAND
Harmless garden slitherer GREENSNAKE
Played the Samaritan DIDAGOODDEED
Italian automaker FIAT
"The Big Bang Theory," for one SITCOM
Big bang BLAST
Rock band staple AMP
Ones who once shared quarters FORMERROOMMATES
Juicy Fruit, e.g. GUM
Cause of shrinking beaches EROSION
Delivers the news REPORTS
Cup o' mud JOE
Love sugary snacks, say HAVEASWEETTOOTH
Up in the air ALOFT
Ukr., until 1991 SSR
Many Middle Easterners ARABS
More alluring SEXIER
App symbol ICON
Ten or more points, rebounds and assists in one game, in hoops lingo ... and a literal feature of 20-, 33- and 43-Across TRIPLEDOUBLE
Minor infraction PETTYCRIME
Special forces mission RAID
Ointment additive ALOE
Fertile desert spot OASIS
Thomas __, 9/11 Commission chairman KEAN
Snowy day toy SLED
Hilton rival HYATT
Poet Pound EZRA
Cooking fat LARD
Morales of "NYPD Blue" ESAI
Collection of energy-producing turbines WINDFARM
Avant-garde art movement DADAISM
Specialized jargon ARGOT
NYC division BORO
Took too much, briefly ODED
Clarinet insert REED
Shades of color TONES
Baker's ring-shaped mold BUNDTPAN
Turkish honorific AGA
Type ILK
Caustic chemical LYE
Earthquake prefix SEISMO
Garden entrance GATE
Piece of the action, or a shout that stops the action CUT
Valuable underground find ORE
Peaks: Abbr. MTS
2016 film based on a Roald Dahl novel, with "The" BFG
Baseball's Gehrig LOU
Archery ammo ARROWS
Poet Marianne and actress Julianne MOORES
Dorm decoration POSTER
Workout count REPS
Waterfall spray MIST
Updated, as factory equipment REFITTED
Diner, drive-in or dive EATERY
1969 Woodstock folk singer JOANBAEZ
Gambling venue letters OTB
"I didn't hear you" sounds EHS
Gives birth to HAS
Pub brew ALE
__ populi: popular opinion VOX
Food truck fare TACO
Political satirist P.J. OROURKE
Copier maker RICOH
That is, in Latin IDEST
Ask for divine guidance PRAY
Pop singer Loeb LISA
Discharge EMIT
Perjurer LIAR
Writer Ferber EDNA
__ de deux PAS
Pipe bend ELL
Digit on a foot TOE


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