Thursday, January 4, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, January 5th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of January 5th 2018.

January 5th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Fey of "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" TINA
Ready to rock EAGER
Mug shot subject PERP
"I got this!" ONIT
Wheels since 1986 ACURA
Adidas rival AVIA
Attire with a spreadsheet design? EXCELSHIRT
Minor points NITS
More than tickles ELATES
Liquor in a Singapore sling GIN
Disreputable court proceeding? SEEDYCASE
Unskilled in POORAT
Hebrides tongue ERSE
Arrived, in a way ALIT
Hardly an original APER
Office administrations OATHS
Superstation that broadcasts some Cubs games WGN
Old Testament prophet EZEKIEL
Creature for whose shape Anguilla was named EEL
"Broca's Brain" author SAGAN
Speed away, with "out" PEEL
Syrup brand since 1902 KARO
Cuts (off) LOPS
Sacred crawler SCARAB
Extracts from Wrigley Field's walls? IVYFLUIDS
Monopoly quartet: Abbr. RRS
__ network NEURAL
Greased auto part AXLE
Transports for fertilizer? PEATYBOATS
Scholarship consideration NEED
Umbilical variety INNIE
Lover's greeting KISS
Old U.S. pump sign ESSO
Bluto and Pluto TOONS
"Echoes in Rain" singer ENYA
Ring site TOE
Sydney band originally called The Farriss Brothers INXS
"Good work!" NICEGOING
Swallowed one's pride ATEDIRT
Needle point? EAST
Soreness ACHES
Museum offering GUIDE
Miss on "Jeopardy!," e.g. ERR
Involving nudity, maybe RATEDR
Cure-all PANACEA
1980 Tony winner for Best Musical EVITA
Bat mitzvahs, e.g. RITES
So yesterday PASSE
Superboy's girlfriend LANA
Disinfectant brand LYSOL
Like many "Buffy" settings EERIE
Kittens play with them PAWS
Lingerie brand OLGA
Whirling toon TAZ
Drink with a Zero Sugar variety PEPSI
__ out a meager existence EKE
Mark on a Dear John letter, perhaps TEARSTAIN
Zeus' jealous wife HERA
One who doesn't pick up much SLOB
__ Gay ENOLA
"The Complete Short Game" author ELS
Fettuccine sauce ALFREDO
Bar attraction KARAOKE
Ministry PULPIT
Bed with enclosed sides CRIB
Absurd INANE
Annoys VEXES
Celebrated seasons YULES
Pipe cleaner DRANO
Chemise fabric SATIN
Salon assortment DYES
Site for handicrafts ETSY
"Reflection" musician ENO
Issuer of five million-plus IDs annually SSA


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