Monday, January 22, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, January 23rd 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of January 23rd 2018.

January 23rd 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Daily bread? WAGE
Convenient bag TOTE
Flower that's a Buddhist symbol of purity LOTUS
Unattributed, as a quote: Abbr. ANON
Prof.'s employer UNIV
Stupefy AMAZE
Checkout line unit ITEM
Actress Russo RENE
Words to live by MAXIM
1666 conflagration that destroyed St. Paul's Cathedral FIREOFLONDON
Military abbr. on a Beatles album SGT
NYC subway line IRT
Pup squeak YIP
Raphael fresco depicting Greek philosophers, with "The" SCHOOLOFATHENS
"__-ching!" CHA
Venison source DEER
Sunny feeling WARMTH
Seventh-day activity, in the Bible REST
__ Gone: gunk-cleaning product GOO
Repeated Doris Day song word SERA
Gave the slip ELUDED
Indian bread NAAN
At this moment NOW
Gypsum used for casts PLASTEROFPARIS
Subj. for immigrants ESL
Color gradation HUE
Coastal inlet RIA
Complete chaos HAVOC
Rapper whose name sounds like a drink ICET
Plato's marketplace AGORA
Fodder storage tower SILO
Not this THAT
Wooden peg DOWEL
Informal greetings HEYS
"Star Wars" guru YODA
Many a Dickens child WAIF
Prefix with social ANTI
Suffix with party GOER
Catch in a net ENMESH
Sports injury on an artificial surface TURFTOE
First-year law student ONEL
Former Yankee slugger Martinez TINO
Should it arise that EVENIF
De Niro's "Raging Bull" role LAMOTTA
Arabian Peninsula nation OMAN
Payroll deduction TAX
Action film weapon UZI
College yr. division SEM
Prayer opener OGOD
Sketch DRAW
Native of Sana'a YEMENI
Emcees' duties INTROS
"Horsefeathers!" PSHAW
Beachcomber's finds SHELLS
Like some Friday work attire CASUAL
Meet portion, or portion of meat LEG
Maine college town ORONO
Store posting: Abbr. HRS
Parisian pancake CREPE
NFL six-pointers TDS
Dolt OAF
Virtuous ETHICAL
Latin god DEUS
At just the right time APROPOS
Innocent soul NAIF
Go over again REHASH
Uncommon thing RARITY
Droning lecture, e.g. BORE
Freckled boy of old TV OPIE
Roly-__ POLY
Eight, in Ecuador OCHO
Renaissance faire quaff MEAD
Jazzy James ETTA
"I've been __!" HAD
Back in time AGO
Pledge VOW


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