Wednesday, January 24, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, January 25th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of January 25th 2018.

January 25th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Apple Store display MACS
Centipede developer ATARI
Farm digs STY
Tennis legend for whom a "Courage Award" is named ASHE
French upper house SENAT
Hershey bar SKOR
*Tony Hawk legwear SKATEPANTS
Helps out AIDS
Unpretentious HUMBLE
Turned it down SAIDNO
Nadal's birthplace SPAIN
Snatch, as a toy? DOGNAP
Composer Franck CESAR
Luggage attachments IDTAGS
Soak up the sun BASK
Blue Grotto resort CAPRI
Boy king TUT
"That's gross!" ICK
*Stick in the snow SKIPOLE
Premier __: wine designation CRU
Word before watch or window BAY
Signs away CEDES
Israeli politician Barak EHUD
Nurses, as a drink SIPSON
Chills out RESTS
"No harm done" IMOKAY
Waited nervously, perhaps PACED
Wheat protein GLUTEN
Tree with durable wood ACACIA
Fellas BROS
*Drawing needs SKETCHPADS
Inauguration words OATH
Dairy mascot ELSIE
Canal completed in 1825 ERIE
Belly dance muscles ABS
Kennel cries YELPS
"Hairspray" mom EDNA
British side MASH
Words on a help desk sign ASKUS
Ring leader? CHAMP
Reversal of fortune SETBACK
Trees of the species Populus tremula ASPENS
"Eat Drink Man Woman" drink TEA
Former Texas governor Richards ANN
"Midnight Cowboy" con man RATSO
Delivery room cry ITSAGIRL
*Medicated dermal strip SKINPATCH
Cen. components YRS
1978 Peace co-Nobelist SADAT
Tahari of fashion ELIE
Many a low-budget flick INDIE
Decorator's choice DRAPERY
Corrosive liquid ACID
Expert GURU
Drywall support STUD
Spill catchers BIBS
Smoothie berry ACAI
*Military chaplains SKYPILOTS
Sit for a snap POSE
Hurry along SCOOT
Creator of Randle McMurphy and Chief Bromden KENKESEY
Search dogs' target ... and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues ESCAPEE
Flatten SMUSH
Garage units SPACES
Dash dial TACH
A high-top hides it ANKLE choice ECARD
Bumped off DIDIN
Snatch GRAB
On the Pacific ASEA
Showgirl's accessory BOA
Course for intl. students ESL
Lead TIP


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