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LA Times Crossword Answers, January 22nd 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of January 22nd 2018.

January 22nd 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Cried on cue, say ACTED
Nimble-fingered DEFT
Auntie on Broadway MAME
Africa's Sierra __ LEONE
Butterlike topping OLEO
Beatnik's "Understood" IDIG
*Grocery store FOODMARKET
Join the chorus SING
Like the chains in a chain necklace LINKED
Camp beds BUNKS
Swear (to) ATTEST
Pair in a dinghy OARS
Employee's reward RAISE
*Vessel for a cheesy dip FONDUEPOT
Cone-dropping trees FIRS
Recycling receptacle BIN
Maps within maps INSETS
Therapists' org. APA
*Ballroom dance that's also a phonetic alphabet "F" FOXTROT
Shatner's "__War" TEK
Cash in, as coupons REDEEM
"I __ only kidding" WAS
Shoulder muscle, for short DELT
*All-terrain high shoe FIELDBOOT
Sandburg and Sagan CARLS
Highest in quality BEST
Gives a thumbs-up SAYSOK
Wrinkle-removing injection BOTOX
Acquires, as debts INCURS
State firmly AVOW
Stream crossing for pedestrians ... and what is literally provided by the interior letters in the answers to starred clues FOOTBRIDGE
Filet mignon order RARE
World power initials until 1991 USSR
How contracts are signed ININK
Iditarod vehicle SLED
Fishing rod partner REEL
Occur as a result ENSUE
1980s TV ET ALF
Corporate VIP CEO
Also TOO
Tiresomely long ENDLESS
Downfall DEMISE
Nerdy sort DORK
Sommer of cinema ELKE
Get nourishment from FEEDON
Trike rider TOT
Applies incorrectly MISUSES
Score after deuce ADIN
Ermine cousin MINK
They're often scrambled EGGS
Tiny farm denizen ANT
Main impact BRUNT
Repetitive barking ARFARF
Taiwan's capital TAIPEI
Rabble-rousing outburst TIRADE
"Hasta la vista" ADIOS
Predicament FIX
Quarterback's "Snap the ball at the second 'hut'" ONTWO
Fizzles (out) PETERS
Verdi opera with Desdemona OTELLO
"You should be ashamed!" TSKTSK
Lays an egg on stage BOMBS
UPS alternative FEDEX
Word before or after pack RAT
Nudged sharply ELBOWED
Best Western competitor DAYSINN
Underwood who performs the "Sunday Night Football" opening CARRIE
Classroom stand-in SUB
Happy hour places BARS
Mirror shape OVAL
Ran like mad TORE
Smoke detector? NOSE
PC corner key CTRL
Calico coat FUR
Put down DIS
Oxlike antelope GNU
Barely manage, with "out" EKE


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