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LA Times Crossword Answers, January 29th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of January 29th 2018.

January 29th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Pearl Harbor site OAHU
Breaks under pressure SNAPS
Fabric woven with metallic threads LAME
Dec. 25 XMAS
Aerosmith frontman Steven TYLER
Apple tablet IPAD
"Blueberry Hill" R&B singer FATSDOMINO
Telephoto, for one LENS
Had lunch, say ATE
Cry from one who's all thumbs OOPS
Boot camp nickname SARGE
Title passenger train with an "ever-lovin' light" MIDNIGHTSPECIAL
Integer after zero ONE
Bank job HEIST
Frosty coat HOAR
Plant's sticker THORN
Arabic "son of" IBN
Cho-Cho-San story on which a Puccini opera was based MADAMEBUTTERFLY
"Total Request Live" network MTV
Bedouins, e.g. ARABS
90 degrees from norte ESTE
Ear-related AURAL
007 creator Fleming IAN
Body of water bordering most of Connecticut's coast LONGISLANDSOUND
Ancient Peruvians INCAS
Place to order a Reuben DELI
__ Paulo, Brazil SAO
Chow or lo follower, in Chinese cuisine MEIN
Undesired medication consequence ... and what can literally go with the end of 17-, 23-, 37- and 48-Across SIDEEFFECT
Marching musicians BAND
Opinion pieces OPEDS
Fishing decoy LURE
Gold medalist Korbut OLGA
Bottom-of-the-barrel WORST
Copies APES
Britain-based relief agcy. OXFAM
Prized violin AMATI
Abhorrent HATED
Navy sub initials USS
Moe, Curly or Larry STOOGE
Lorelei, for one NYMPH
Roster of invited celebs ALIST
Signer's writer PEN
Sign of a sellout SRO
Purple flowers LILACS
Pre-dinner drinks APERITIFS
Japanese comics MANGA
'50s Ford flop EDSEL
Bump off DOIN
River through Paris SEINE
Screenwriter Ephron NORA
Attempts to score, in hockey SHOTS
Saucy PERT
"I'm thinking ... " HMM
Grain in Quaker cereals OAT
Getting promotions ADVANCING
Little League precursor TBALL
Center of a wheel HUB
Sandwich letters BLT
"Science Guy" Bill NYE
Roger who broke Babe's record MARIS
Times often named for presidents ERAS
Alternative to Vegas RENO
Where Amin ruled UGANDA
Least active IDLEST
"Yeah, right!" ASIF
Dance under a bar LIMBO
Tatum of "Paper Moon" ONEAL
Puff __: snake ADDER
Requires NEEDS
Exhaust USEUP
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Adores to death, with "on" DOTES
Spread, as discord SOW
NYSE debut IPO
Ga.'s southern neighbor FLA


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