Wednesday, January 3, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, January 4th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of January 4th 2018.

January 4th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Waldorf __ SALAD
Crawford of the Timberwolves JAMAL
Rx watchdog FDA
Cast out EXILE
Where glasses may be raised? OPERA
Standee's lack LAP
Duffer's flaw from the tee? RECKLESSDRIVING
Wingless parasite FLEA
"Cheers" actor Roger REES
Approximately CIRCA
Speech characteristic of Dustin on "Stranger Things" LISP
"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" newsman BAXTER
Duffer's impossible dream? ACEINTHEHOLE
Family dinner entrée ROAST
__ de guerre NOM
It may be sharp NOTE
Pageant VIPs MCS
Handyman's tasks ODDJOBS
Each PER
Bean used in Asian sauces SOYA
Classic auto REO
Cutting ACERB
Duffer's cry after botching a putt and settling for par? BYEBYEBIRDIE
Yelp piece REVIEW
Move, in Realtor lingo RELO
They have pHs below 7 ACIDS
"Let It Go" singer in "Frozen" ELSA
Landing QUAY
Duffer's sad 18th-hole reply to "Bogey for you?" ... and 19th-hole request to the bartender? MAKEMINEADOUBLE
Miner concern ORE
Make __: rake it in AMINT
Deal with SEETO
'60s activist gp. SDS
Help for the graveyard shift, maybe NODOZ
Slurpee insert STRAW
Lowly worker SERF
Winter Olympics jump AXEL
Wingless parasites LICE
They have pHs above 7 ALKALIS
Second-smallest U.S. state DEL
Nativity figure JOSEPH
Church area APSE
Rx specifications MEDS
Itinerary abbr. ARR
Not of the cloth LAICAL
Toy (with) FLIRT
Hula or hora DANCE
__ score: neonatal measure APGAR
Once, quaintly ERST
Kit's mom VIXEN
Absorbed by INTO
Fall flat BOMB
Readies for battle ARMS
2017 Pixar film set in Mexico COCO
Like Sunday morning, in a Commodores title EASY
"Have a nice time!" ENJOY
"Woo-__!" HOO
Newspaper page OPED
Actress Garr TERI
Kathryn of "Law & Order: C.I." ERBE
Used charcoal pencils, say DREW
Society newcomer DEB
Glide (through) SAIL
Alice had to play it with flamingos as mallets CROQUET
Sycophant YESMAN
Not authentic ERSATZ
Rosary unit BEAD
"Parenthood" actress Sarah RAMOS
Digital greeting ECARD
Twin Cities team, familiarly VIKES
Oklahoma city ENID
Carson's successor LENO
Taxi alternative UBER
Utah ski resort ALTA
"Ouch!" YEOW
Texting qualifier IMO
CIA predecessor OSS


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