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LA Times Crossword Answers, January 21st 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of January 21st 2018.

January 21st 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Many a reggae musician RASTA
Flavor SAPOR
Involved stories EPICS
Montezuma's people AZTECS
Books smaller than quartos OCTAVOS
Arenas, say VENUES
Film about a convict's lame claims of innocence? JAILHOUSECROCK
Play the market INVEST
European skyline sight ALP
__ Marbles: historic sculptures ELGIN
Longtime film critic for The New Yorker KAEL
"¿Cómo __ usted?" ESTA
Pays attention to HEEDS
Chow line? LEASH
P&L report column YTD
High hat MITER
"__ was saying ... " ASI
Go public with AIR
Film about St. Peter's favorite striped stone? HEAVENSAGATE
Wildebeests GNUS
Barrel-bottom stuff LEES
Cookie baking session output BATCH
Put to the test TRIED
River to the North Sea YSER
Stage hog HAM
Lady of León SENORA
Inherent character NATURE
Back muscle, familiarly LAT
Film about the last of the old-time schoolteachers? AFAREWELLTOMARMS
First husband of Bathsheba URIAH
Bar stock ICE
Aurora's Greek counterpart EOS
Leftover EXTRA
Film about dealing with a class of five-year-olds? KINDERGARTENCOPE
Arles article LES
Form of aphasia involving the inability to name objects ANOMIA
Loi maker SENAT
Hot spots STOVES
"Do the Right Thing" pizzeria owner SAL
Disco family name GIBB
Cherbourg cherub ANGE
It usually involves a getaway car HEIST
Plump Capp critter SHMOO
"Beowulf" beverage MEAD
"Well done!" GOOD
Film about yet another complaint? THETHIRDMOAN
__ Colinas: upscale neighborhood in Irving, Texas LAS
Diminish EBB
Rival of Paris ROMEO
Marshal at Waterloo NEY
Cause harm DOILL
Studied, with "over" PORED
"Sounds like fun to me!" IMIN
Utah lily SEGO
Metaphor for opportunities DOORS
Pie in the sky? UFO
Jaguar, e.g. BIGCAT
Film about a devastating blizzard? APOCALYPSESNOW
À la King EERILY
Calmed down SEDATED
Stylish filmmaker AUTEUR
Runoff collector SEWER
Commuter's read DAILY
Indian prince RAJAH
Georgia's state wildflower AZALEA
Mushroom stems STIPES
Bus. card info TEL
Yearns ACHES
Extended operatic solo SCENA
PDX tower group ATC
Most golfers never break it PAR
Ab __: from the start OVO
1990 Stallone flick with the tagline "Go For It" ROCKYV
Bad to the bone EVIL
Stock holder PEN
Protest bitterly (against) INVEIGH
Hill with one steep side CUESTA
Sonnet section SESTET
One before la SOL
Basket material OSIER
Achieve with minimal effort SKATEBY
Impolite look STARE
Hybrid fruits UGLIS
Author Ferber et al. EDNAS
Make a stand DIGIN
Put on hold SHELVE
Variety show set in Kornfield Kounty HEEHAW
Fabric beltmaker's technique MACRAME
Lindley of "Three's Company" AUDRA
Line to the audience ASIDE
Gregg user STENO
"The Matrix" hero NEO
Some wolves LEERERS
Catherine the Great, e.g. TSARINA
Vitamin A form RETINOL
Moves speedily HURTLES
One often shared in flight ARMREST
Flat-topped lands MESAS
"I don't give __" AFIG
Duty TAX
"Witness" actor Haas LUKAS
Obamacare, briefly ACA
John, to Ringo LOO
Recipe amts. TSPS
Gen.'s counterpart ADM
Fictional miners' work song HEIGHHO
"Spider-Man" director RAIMI
Latin lover's line TEAMO
The Supreme Court, for one ENNEAD
Where Tara Lipinski won her Olympics gold medal at age 15 NAGANO
Community character ETHOS
War on Poverty agcy. OEO
Hulu offering VIDEO
Carried BORNE
Spanish convenience stores BODEGAS
Lettering guide STENCIL
Lively country dance GALOP
Extended family TRIBE
More cozy HOMIER
Political fugitive EMIGRE
Mr. Magoo et al. MYOPES
Bridges in movies LLOYD
Sultanate on the South China Sea BRUNEI
Make dirty BEFOUL
One in an airport taxi line, for the most part IDLER
False: Pref. PSEUD
Bridal estate DOWRY
"Come Sail Away" band STYX
ANC country RSA
Mobile home: Abbr. ALA
"__ to Billie Joe" ODE
Cry near the ears CAW
Broke bread ATE
B&O stop STA


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