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LA Times Crossword Answers, March 12th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 12th 2018.

March 12th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Medicare section for doctors' services PARTB
Number of sides on most game cubes SIX
Fit of __: irritated state PIQUE
Western neighbor of Wyoming IDAHO
Omelet meat HAM
Finnish hot spot SAUNA
Some Little League eligibility rules AGELIMITS
*Samsung Galaxy, e.g. SMARTPHONE
Aberdeen native SCOT
Salty waters SEAS
Eastern neighbor of Wyoming: Abbr. SDAK
Sewn loosely BASTED
Put together, as IKEA furniture ASSEMBLE
Urge forward IMPEL
Curtain holder ROD
Reggae relative SKA
*Trick that's "pulled" FASTONE
Bit of energy ERG
Capek sci-fi play RUR
Taxi meter amount FARE
Tickle the fancy of APPEALTO
Puts up with ABIDES
Big name in banking CITI
"So that's it!" cries OHOS
Heavy hammer MAUL
*Optimist's perspective BRIGHTSIDE
Barbra with Oscars STREISAND
Ballet skirts TUTUS
Donates GIVES
NHL surface ICE
Layered cookies OREOS
With 21-Down, dictation taker's need STENO
Bobbsey girl NAN
Group described by the starts of the answers to starred clues MENSA
Apple seeds PIPS
"The Voice" judge Levine ADAM
Pro __: in proportion RATA
Needing a drink THIRSTY
Crocheted baby shoe BOOTEE
Persian monarchs SHAHS
"Othello" villain IAGO
Marvel Comics mutants XMEN
Pitchfork-shaped Greek letter PSI
Sean Penn film with a Seussian title IAMSAM
*Yeast-free bakery product QUICKBREAD
"Do __ others ... " UNTO
Dawn direction EAST
See 63-Across PAD
What a stet cancels DELE
Iraqi port BASRA
Invite to one's penthouse ASKUP
*Hairpin turn, e.g. SHARPCURVE
"Are not!" response AMTOO
Dalmatian mark SPOT
Sitcom producer Chuck LORRE
Boundaries EDGES
"__ just me ... ?" ISIT
Royal decree FIAT
Goes off script ADLIBS
Narrow crack FISSURE
Astronaut Collins EILEEN
"That feels good!" AHH
Inning half BOTTOM
Poet Nash OGDEN
Inbox list: Abbr. MSGS
Going __: fighting ATIT
Reason to roll out the tarp RAIN
Peruvian native INCA
Cal.-to-Fla. highway ITEN
Couples DUOS
She, in Sicily ESSA
Prefix with -bar or -tope ISO


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