Wednesday, March 21, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, March 22nd 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 22nd 2018.

March 22nd 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Fall face first while skiing, say EATIT
Mighty silly APISH
Part of ROM: Abbr. MEM
Longest-serving prime minister of India NEHRU
Austrian actress Berger SENTA
Kanye West's "I __ God" AMA
Soda fountain come-on? GREATSHAKES
Monarch catcher NET
Brooklyn Dodgers legend Campanella ROY
In questionable taste TACKY
All excited AFIRE
Radiant glow AURA
Italian cheese ASIAGO
Earthquake coverage? FAULTINSURANCE
Aids in illegal activity ABETS
Roberts of "That '70s Show" TANYA
Comic Martha RAYE
One-named singer with 15 Grammys ADELE
Neeson of "Love Actually" LIAM
Continue gabbing RUNON
Ship's seepage BILGE
List in a quiz program recap? QUESTIONSASKED
Latin ballroom dances TANGOS
Berlin octet ACHT
One of a Dumas trio ATHOS
Civil rights leader Chavez CESAR
__-tip steak TRI
Barnyard sound MAA
Lower hulls fortified? HOLDSBARRED
Directional suffix ERN
Missouri tribe OSAGE
Not-giving-up phrase IHOPE
Completed DID
Fishing boot WADER
Taboos, and a hint to the four longest puzzle answers NONOS
Career for a sci. major ENGR
Flight-related prefix AERO
Unspecified folks THEY
Sportswriter Berkow IRA
Clucks of disapproval TUTTUTS
__ School: art movement featuring NYC scenes ASHCAN
Top out PEAK
Very dark INKY
Abbr. in some Québec addresses STE
Contributes HASASAY
Oscar-nominated "Flashdance" song MANIAC
San __, California MATEO
Asian dress SARI
Contender for the crown FINALIST
Steve Rogers, for Captain America ALTEREGO
Composer of the opera "Alfred" ARNE
At a distance FAR
Chicago-based law org. ABA
Illegal fwy. maneuver UEY
Court worker STENO
Co. that merged with Continental UAL
Queen's subjects ANTS
"And how!" DOI
Sort ILK
Sit in a cellar, maybe AGE
Club __ MED
Base entertainment USOSHOW
Persian Gulf monarchy BAHRAIN
Persian Gulf native QATARI
Release UNHAND
Egyptian leader for whom a lake is named NASSER
Union foe SCAB
Gained control of TAMED
Dressed CLAD
Advantage EDGE
1982 sci-fi film TRON
Defaulter's risk REPO
Time to beware IDES
Spanish she-bear OSA
Frat letter RHO


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