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LA Times Crossword Answers, March 18th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 18th 2018.

March 18th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Two-letter pop group ABBA
Prepares potatoes, in a way WHIPS
Card in a wallet VISA
Zagreb native CROAT
Vanishing sound POOF
Seating option AISLE
It gives you the big picture IMAX
Most highly regarded seasoning? TARRAGONOFVIRTUE
Call for icing, maybe SWELLUP
Author Binchy MAEVE
Limo amenity MINIBAR
Literally, "shady side" YIN
Like two Beethoven piano sonatas INE
Groom on a 1952 Life cover ABNER
B, in a sandwich BACON
Bridget Riley's "Movement in Squares," e.g. OPART
23rd of 24 PSI
Gets more friendly, with "up" WARMS
__ collar ETON
Brusque orchestral violinists? TERSESTRINGS
Alley in comics OOP
Soft shoe MOC
Portends BODES
Bush boss REAGAN
Singer DiFranco ANI
Card game shout UNO
"Trinity" novelist URIS
"__ Not There": Zombies hit SHES
Child with a sponsor, maybe GODSON
Homer's "Northeaster," for one SEASCAPE
Wall covers PANELS
Quick quality WIT
Italian noble family ESTE
Actress Helen with her personal programmer? HUNTANDTECH
One of a program dozen STEP
Big-eyed bird OWL
"Tristram Shandy" author STERNE
Bag by the barbecue CHARCOAL
Honey beverage MEAD
"Hamilton" award TONY
97-Across output RTE
Holiday drink NOG
Knockoff hr. FIVEPM
Glittery rock GEODE
Logician's letters QED
Granite St. campus UNH
Kids responsible for breakfast bread? TOASTERGIRLS
Low choristers BASSI
See 83-Across GPS
Golf bag set IRONS
"Not a chance!" MYEYE
Pie nut PECAN
Kiss at the mall, briefly PDA
Security briefing org. CIA
Lunch with fish TUNASUB
Large crosses ROODS
Head honcho, e.g. MAGNATE
Finished OVER
Well-ventilated chef's hat? TOQUEFULLOFHOLES
It's often stained DECK
Language that gives us "kayak" INUIT
"The Clan of the Cave Bear" author AUEL
Old Eurasian rulers TSARS
Wine adjective OAKY
Ideal areas EDENS
Letters before Q? LGBT
Limited-choice, as a question YESNO
John follower ACTS
Sticking point? CRAW
Extra MORE
Near the start EARLYON
Yalta Conference notable STALIN
Informal pricing words APOP
__ vivant BON
High time BOOM
__ de coeur: amorous relationship AFFAIRE
Put on HIRE
Musician's suffix IST
Pipes and such PLUMBING
Welcome SEEIN
Former "Today" co-host VIEIRA
Source of film trivia IMDB
Complex story SAGA
Lumberyard supplier AXER
Staple __ GUN
Doesn't hold back VENTS
Ski resort refreshment? NEWSNOW
It borders three oceans ASIA
Mystify BEMUSE
Does penance (for) ATONES
Chocolate-loving gang? COCOATOUGHS
Rex in the classics OEDIPUS
It may be given with a bow PRESENT
Saddlebag carrier ASS
Radio tuning shortcut PRESET
Measurement for meat rotating on a spit? ROASTTORQUE
Like many Bing Crosby records MONO
Slant SPIN
Sacred scroll TORAH
Got hot online TRENDED
Joke GAG
Florida NFLer BUC
Words often about details SPAREME
Yogi Bear co-creator HANNA
CD part DISC
Bastes, say SEWS
Talking point? LECTERN
Educates SCHOOLS
Straights and flushes HANDS
Place to grab a bite EATERY
Promise PLEDGE
Randy Johnson and Aroldis Chapman LEFTIES
Deli choice RYE
Oscar __ SNUB
O'Neill's daughter OONA
Giuseppe's god DIO
80%-Disney-owned channel ESPN
Nats pitcher González GIO
Done with RIDOF
Slow and steady GRADUAL
Just barely, at the track BYANOSE
Animated SPARKY
Powerful MIGHTY
Adorable one CUTIE
"Dead __ Society": 1989 film POETS
Half-__: coffee order CAF
Stink TODO
Middle eye layer UVEA
Part of the woods? NECK
Really mess up RUIN
Hit hard SLUG
Start of a sad tale ALAS
Bird related to the noddy TERN
Brand that's a homophone of its company's initials ESSO
N.Y. neighbor QUE
Where some pounds are spent: Abbr. LEB


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