Wednesday, March 7, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, March 8th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 8th 2018.

March 8th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Vaccine pioneer Salk JONAS
Biblical verb HATH
Sever, with "off" LOP
"The Good Wife" wife ALICIA
Irrawaddy River locale ASIA
Hubbub ADO
Grilled sandwich PANINI
*Hobbyist's broadcasting equipment HAMRADIO
Checked out EYED
Gather REAP
Domestic sock eater? DRYER
Storied climber JILL
Little limb TWIG
*Drama in the Nielsen top 10 four times during the '70s HAWAIIFIVEO
Special __ OPS
Mets modifier of 1969 AMAZIN
Noggin BEAN
Case in Lat. grammar DAT
Cuts and pastes, say EDITS
Trellis climber VINE
Corner PC key ESC
Expert WHIZ
Mysterious girl on "Stranger Things" ELEVEN
"Zip it!" SHH
*Ball of fire HUMANDYNAMO
"No __!": "Sure!" PROB
Lose one's coat SHED
Moves to the melody SWAYS
"__ Encounter": SeaWorld show ORCA
Shakespearean "You as well?" ETTU
*"Oh boy, it's starting!" HEREWEGO
First words INTROS
Muffin grain OAT
Believe HOLD
Wind farm blades ROTORS
Like some grins WRY
People ONES
Liquid whose chemical formula is a homophonic hint to the answers to starred clues WATER
Zinger JAPE
Body wash brand OLAY
Largest single-digit square NINE
Genre incorporating elements of funk and hip-hop ACIDJAZZ
Transgression SIN
"Right away!" ASAP
Dickens boy TIM
Taxing and successful HARDWON
Coventry rider LADYGODIVA
Dog that licks Garfield ODIE
Low-quality POOR
Where many missed connections occur AIRLINEHUB
MLB's D-backs ARI
2003 holiday film ELF
IV lead? III
Bouffant feature TEASEDHAIR
Flame-haired villain in Disney's "Hercules" HADES
Mennonite sect AMISH
Super Bowl gathering, e.g. WATCHPARTY
Mediterranean vacation island IBIZA
Zoo doc VET
"The Hunger Games" land PANEM
__ pad STENO
Barely lit DIM
Blood feud VENDETTA
List of notables WHOSWHO
Soap chemical LYE
Defense advisory gp. NSC
__ whiskey RYE
Thing to put on SHOW
Put on WEAR
Look bad? OGLE
Slender cylinders RODS
Budweiser Clydesdales' pace TROT
Shredded TORE
TASS country USSR
Many years EON
"Spring the trap!" NOW


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