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LA Times Crossword Answers, March 19th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 19th 2018.

March 19th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Bird's crop CRAW
Pols with a donkey symbol DEMS
Specialized, committee-wise ADHOC
Operate with a beam LASE
Natural burn soother ALOE
Set of beliefs CREDO
"__ That a Shame" AINT
"Hold your horses!" WHOA
Cybercommerce ETAIL
*Begin preparing an evening meal STARTDINNER
Nov. 11 honoree VET
Capital of Minn. STPAUL
Taxi driver CABBY
Many a '50s pompadour sporter GREASER
Catastrophic 2017 hurricane IRMA
"The fresh air is delightful!" AAH
Suffix with Jumbo TRON
Spreads apart, as one's fingers SPLAYS
Hunt like a cat PROWL
Internet connectivity delay LAG
"The Waste Land" poet T.S. ELIOT
Tennis great Gibson ALTHEA
Starlet's goal FAME
Org. with Bulls and Bucks NBA
Bonkers LOCO
Tart plant stalk diced for pie filling RHUBARB
A : Z :: alpha : __ OMEGA
Originate (from) DERIVE
Arctic toymaker ELF
Two-couple outings ... and what the answers to starred clues are? DOUBLEDATES
Civilian attire MUFTI
Wordsmith Webster NOAH
Hertz fleet CARS
Spring for a meal TREAT
Fish in some cat food TUNA
Otherwise ELSE
"Don't go" STAY
Actress Cannon DYAN
Yearbook section CLASS
Grammy winner Bonnie RAITT
"It's __": "No problem" ASNAP
Counter-wiping aid WETRAG
Procrastinator DAWDLER
Pre-college, briefly ELHI
Cow's hurdle, in rhyme MOON
Mystical gathering SEANCE
Severe, as criticism ACERB
"__ & the Women": 2000 Gere film DRT
"Garfield" dog ODIE
Future stallion COLT
Slowpoke in a shell TURTLE
Body parts that may be pierced EARS
List of charges BILL
Big name in ISPs AOL
Chaotic mess SNAFU
"Butt out," for short MYOB
Dog in old whodunits ASTA
"C'mon, be __!": "Little help, please!" APAL
Woody's son ARLO
*Steaming morning mugful HOTCOFFEE
Looked closely PEERED
"To __ it may concern" WHOM
Yak it up GAB
2012 Affleck thriller ARGO
Seized the opportunity MADEHAY
Favorite hangouts HAUNTS
Prepared (oneself), as for a jolt BRACED
Does film splicing, say EDITS
Lombardy's land ITALY
Vice __ VERSA
German steel town ESSEN
Rescue squad VIPs EMTS
Light, to a moth LURE
Match in a ring BOUT
Singer Del Rey LANA
Bojangles' dance genre TAP


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