Friday, March 23, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, March 24th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 24th 2018.

March 24th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
__ bar TAPAS
Line used when wrapping? THATSTHAT
Singer whose three studio albums have numerical titles ADELE
Was bugged WOREAWIRE
Remove, as a corsage UNPIN
It has a climbing route called "The Nose" ELCAPITAN
Den denizens CUBS
Nice assent OUI
League of Women Voters co-founder CATT
Assists a chef PREPS
White House advisory gp. NSC
Six-pack group ABS
Fighting chance BOUT
Comics shriek YEOW
The African Queen, for one STEAMBOAT
Former first daughter MALIA
Make a call OPT
Conqueror of Valencia in 1094 ELCID
Brain in many an Asimov story MAINFRAME
British title DAME
Part of a flute STEM
Kvetching chorus OYS
__ shooter PEA
Buzzed TIPSY
Pokémon that evolves to Kadabra ABRA
Org. concerned with child support PTA
Singer Vannelli GINO
1995 AFI Life Achievement Award recipient SPIELBERG
Spidey sense, basically ALARMBELL
Skateboard leap OLLIE
Stopped taking orders WENTROGUE
Home of Armani and Prada MILAN
News credential PRESSPASS
Place on a pedestal EXALT
Scientific name involving a repeated word TAUTONYM
To an annoying degree ADNAUSEAM
What Brad's Drink became PEPSICOLA
Settled down ALIT
Elder or Younger Roman writer SENECA
Modern-day eruption TWEETSTORM
"The Planets" composer HOLST
Story lines ARCS
It can be green, red or yellow TEA
Con's mark SAP
Hyphenated word in a Hawthorne title TWICETOLD
Put the bite on HITUP
Many Scheherazade characters ARABS
XXX, perhaps TENS
Big dogs LABS
Little dog POM
Self-Operating Napkin creator Goldberg RUBE
Rides with wing-shaped tailfins BATMOBILES
Game including golf and bowling WIISPORTS
Taker of ppm measurements EPA
Barbershop quartet style ACAPPELLA
Race against the clock TIMETRIAL
Outdoor party crashers ANTS
"Bossypants" memoirist FEY
Fictional governess EYRE
Rita Hayworth's title princess SALOME
Building subcontractor TILER
Just plain silly INANE
Outstanding APLUS
Be a looky-loo GAWP
Genesis creator SEGA
"Disarming Iraq" author Hans BLIX
Ceremonial title? MRS
Jazz genre BOP


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