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LA Times Crossword Answers, March 5th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 5th 2018.

March 5th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
The Bounty, e.g. SHIP
Remote control targets TVS
Landowner's document DEED
Subtle glow AURA
Spruce oneself up PRIMP
Addresses with forward slashes URLS
*Life in a breakfast bowl, say DRYCEREAL
Move like a crab SIDLE
Often-stubbed digit TOE
Black Russian liquor VODKA
Nivea competitor AVEENO
Invalidate, as a law REPEAL
Rapper __ Wayne LIL
Disney's title lamp rubber ALADDIN
Sailor's agreement AYE
Stage designs SETS
Emulate flowers on a hot day DROOP
Source of linen FLAX
"Dilbert" creator Scott ADAMS
"Little Women" woman MEG
Spongy cake laced with rum BABKA
Scammer's targets DUPES
Step in a flight STAIR
West Coast state OREGON
Everglades waders EGRETS
Layer of eggs HEN
Target practice props TINCANS
"__ you awake?" ARE
Software test version BETA
"M*A*S*H" actor Elliott GOULD
Body covering SKIN
Racetrack shape OVAL
Homer Simpson's wife MARGE
Four-legged companions PETS
Give a holler YELL
In the future AHEAD
Gratis FREE
Pathetic SAD
Tint HUE
Nest egg acronym IRA
Ping-Pong need PADDLE
Piece of land TRACT
Instagram upload VIDEO
Messy campfire snack SMORE
Firestone competitor DUNLOP
Pitching stat with a decimal point ERA
Inventor Whitney ELI
Broadband option, for short DSL
Maj. for a future shrink PSY
"The 18-Down" poet POE
Structure with skyboxes ARENA
"Nevermore" speaker RAVEN
Dip for chips SALSA
Like the outfield walls at Wrigley Field IVIED
*Oral health care network DELTADENTAL
Negotiations killer ... or, in a way, what each answer to a starred clue is DEALBREAKER
Whitewater craft KAYAK
Amazon Echo Dot's voice service ALEXA
Well-worn OLD
Harshly criticize RIP
Octopus' eight ARMS
Deer mom DOE
Dalmatians, e.g. DOGS
Far from self-effacing SMUG
Inside the foul line FAIR
Dalmatian marking SPOT
Hefty supplies? BAGS
Hard puzzle ENIGMA
Watched over TENDED
"This could be a problem" OHBOY
Christopher of "Superman" REEVE
Done to death TRITE
Sight or smell SENSE
First matchmaker? NOAH
Make better CURE
Tiny pond growth ALGA
"__ in favor, say 'aye'" ALL
Coppertone letters SPF


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