Thursday, March 29, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, March 30th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 30th 2018.

March 30th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Like "le" in Fr. MASC
Degrade ABASE
There's no money in it SWAP
Prefix with syllabic OCTO
Starbucks offering LATTE
Cap with a flat, circular top KEPI
Religious text for a Texas senator? CRUZMISSAL
Flex ending IBLE
Home of Amboseli National Park KENYA
Pennant race mo. SEP
Tied accessory ASCOT
Cause of a sleeve movement TUG
Pet for a Spanish surrealist? DALILLAMA
More uneven BUMPIER
Puts in a vault, in a way ENTOMBS
Dos Passos trilogy USA
Mild rebuke TUT
With 44-Across, Hanna-Barbera feline TOP
Cravings YENS
Sidekick AMIGO
Glimpse ESPY
Not a good start? MAL
See 33-Across CAT
Shade HUE
Michigan neighbor ONTARIO
Baptized boys, often GODSONS
Underage child of a German chancellor? KOHLMINOR
Milk source EWE
Whac-__ AMOLE
Heating stat BTU
Finnish architect Alvar __ AALTO
Look closely (over) PORE
Household help for a 19th-century president? TAYLORMAID
Bank offerings IRAS
Resort WSW of Denver ASPEN
__ coffee ICED
Titillating message SEXT
Silly ones GEESE
Cong. period SESS
Israeli port ACRE
Nonspeaking movie role STUNTMAN
Ingratiate oneself (to) COZYUP
"When We Were Kings" subject ALI
It takes a beating BASSDRUM
Befuddled ATSEA
Sushi selection EEL
65-Across feature SKISLOPE
Interoffice connection WEBCAM
Madonna portrayals PIETAS
Crèche trio MAGI
Glee club member ALTO
Completely INTOTO
Accept BUY
Consumption USE
List ender ETALII
Idiosyncratic contraction TIC
Of least significance SMALLEST
They squelch discussions GAGRULES
It goes over the tongue SHOELACE
"Piano is not my forte," e.g. PUN
With 51-Down, sometimes-sighed line YES
French weapon ARME
Congo natives OKAPIS
"That's enough already!" NOMORE
Middle section of an insect THORAX
Hoping to get home ONBASE
See 41-Down DEAR
Religious ascetics SWAMIS
Common blood group OTYPE
Connections TIES
Chances ODDS
Identify on Facebook TAG
Unified ONE


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