Wednesday, March 28, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, March 29th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 29th 2018.

March 29th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
"... __ a puddy tat!" ITAW
Bygone 26-Down rival PANAM
Limit CAP
Small rodent VOLE
Bold alternative ITALIC
Have a mortgage OWE
"... two fives for __?" ATEN
Helix-shaped pasta ROTINI
Pince-__ NEZ
Surprisingly little, pricewise NEXTTONOTHING
Picasso's birth city MALAGA
Desertlike ARID
RR stops STAS
Healthy drink SWIG
Immigrant's subj. ESL
Maxim about frugality WASTENOTWANTNOT
Comic strip cry ACK
"Deadliest Catch" narrator Mike ROWE
View from Catania ETNA
It's learned the hard way BITTERLESSON
Put away STOW
Split up PARTED
Confusing statements ... and a hint to the circled letters MIXEDMESSAGES
MSNBC's "Morning __" JOE
Add value to ENRICH
Avian digestive system part CRAW
Brewpub order ALE
School bud ROOMIE
Singer Horne LENA
"Not __" YET
Bond and others SPIES
Macron's state ETAT
Nobelist Pavlov IVAN
Revered emblem TOTEM
Singer/songwriter __ Ray Joel ALEXA
Followed the crowd? WENTLAST
European dumpling PIROGI
Not exactly hummable ATONAL
Post-WWII alliance NATO
Settled on a branch ALIT
Ho Chi __ City MINH
Harmonious CONGRUENT
Leave open-mouthed AWE
Candy with an Emoji dispenser set PEZ
Flat-topped cap TAM
Editor Talese with a Doubleday imprint NAN
"Show time!" ITSON
Co-founder of the SkyTeam alliance DELTA
Skin care name ESTEE
"That is sooo cute!" AWW
Wasikowska of "The Kids Are All Right" MIA
Engine starter: Abbr. IGN
DNA lab items SWABS
Unspoken TACIT
Call for an appointment ASKTOMEET
Before, in ballads ERE
Scand. land NOR
Temple athlete OWL
Squid appendage TENTACLE
Light opener? TWI
Coined money SPECIE
Pageant bands SASHES
Anesthesiologists' work sites, briefly ORS
White-plumed wader EGRET
"Strawberry Wine" country singer Carter DEANA
Gen-__ XER
First family grandson? ENOS
Let go of DROP
Actress Rogers MIMI
Rescue team acronym SWAT
Word with hawk or walk JAY
"¡Viva el matador!" OLE


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