Friday, March 16, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, March 17th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 17th 2018.

March 17th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Surfers' banes WIPEOUTS
Figures in Spanish skating OCHOS
Concord, for one GRAPE
NBC slogan that covered "Hill Street Blues," among others MUSTSEETV
Took on cargo LADED
Orchestra area PIT
Some functionally limited applications SHAREWARE
Feature of some lights LESSTAR
NL West team ARI
Event on a fall highlight reel INTERCEPTEDPASS
Zebra kin ASS
"Blueberries for __": kids' book awarded a 1949 Caldecott Honor SAL
Newsletter editor's filler CLIPART
Has an online chat with SKYPES
Like evil villains REDUNDANT
Skeletal start? EXO
Sluggish INERT
One who's not at all graceful SORELOSER
Put on STAGE
Popular Canadian beer LAKEPORT
Opposite ends POLES
License requirements, perhaps EYETESTS
Timid types WIMPS
Arctic inhabitant INUIT
Ristorante regular? PASTA
World-record finish? EST
Switch statuses ONS
Gulf states fed. UAE
Tijuana trio TRES
Newborn mentioned in Genesis 4:25 SETH
Gives more than the once-over OGLES
Crows' crops CRAWS
Attacked HADAT
Work often with subtitles OPERA
Where the same questions are asked annually SEDER
1989 Firth/Bening movie VALMONT
Log onto after a crash, say REACCESS
"CSI: Miami" actress Eva LARUE
Like the arena after the home team's winning goal AROAR
Present with many options GIFTCARD
Timetable listings STOPS
Meas. checked at a garage PSI
River to the Rhone AIN
Former comm. giant ITT
Shuteye sessions SIESTAS
Brownie maker KODAK
Suggest IMPLY
"Great Public Schools for Every Student" org. NEA
Whse. filler GDS
__ admin SYS
Like fresh lettuce CRISP
Slow tempo LENTO
As good as it gets IDEAL
Completely cleanse PURGE
Asks for a hand? ANTES
Monterrey jack PESOS
Gets ready to file SORTS
NCAA 'Cane's rival NOLE
Airplane platform? TRAY
Supplement, with "out" EKE
Give leave LET
"... thus wide I'll __ my arms": "Hamlet" OPE


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