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LA Times Crossword Answers, March 25th 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 25th 2018.

March 25th 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Did a triathlon leg BIKED
Pepper spray alternative MACE
At full speed AMAIN
Slightly ABIT
Taste enhanced by shrimp paste UMAMI
Otherworldly glow AURA
Multi-colored spring bloomer PANSY
Bugs or Porky TOON
Pet Airways security device? CATSCANNER
Narrative from novelist Levin? IRAACCOUNT
MIT, for one SCH
Govt. investment TNOTE
Grand Mosque locale MECCA
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Essence MEAT
Pyrex sister brand EKCO
It precedes Flames' home games OCANADA
The Yankees during the Babe Ruth era? SWATTEAM
Chicago Blackhawks' broadcaster WGN
Wine glass-making component? STEMEDUCATION
"Your point being?" AND
Betel nut tree ARECA
Church reading PSALM
Memorable Louis XVI
A/C measures BTUS
Dress policy at some fancy restaurants NODENIM
Enzyme ending ASE
Shot at a bar DRAM
Big name in anti-itch cream LANACANE
Slow-cooked dishes STEWS
Alley designation? PINNUMBER
"The Highwayman" poet NOYES
"Don't sweat it" NOBIGGIE
"Of course!" SURE
__ Paese cheese BEL
Like some celestial paths ORBITAL
Isn't being used SITSIDLE
Dust jacket ID ISBN
City bus path: Abbr. RTE
Expose RATON
Where __ ITSAT
Green Day drummer __ Cool TRE
Seminar on Hughes' poetry? TEDCONFERENCE
"Amen to that!" IHEARYA
Inseparable ONE
Utterly lost ATSEA
Hockey contract negotiator? ICEAGENT
Solo performance RECITAL
Actor Cumming ALAN
Lat. and Ukr., formerly SSRS
SpaceX CEO Musk ELON
Put a damper on DETER
Memorize things, maybe STUDY
Part of U.S. SAM
Association of gamblers? BETNETWORK
Injury treatment for a top pitcher? ACEBANDAGE
Not worth __ ASOU
Resort rental CANOE
Apple Watch assistant SIRI
Exposed OUTED
Body imperfection DENT
Dover souls BRITS
Warmhearted KIND
Plot spoilers? WEEDS
Tampa NFLers BUCS
Apple since 1998 IMAC
Nepal Airlines headquarters KATHMANDU
First-responder letters EMS
Call the shots DICTATE
Hand, to Jorge MANO
Uncle Henry's wife AUNTEM
Wading spot CREEK
Corn holder EAR
Cap-__: from head to toe APIE
Jacobs of fashion MARC
Jungle crusher ANACONDA
Genesis father of twins ISAAC
1785-'90 U.S. capital NYC
Ferocious Flea foe ATOMANT
Like hardcovers BOUND
Ancient neighbor of Lydia IONIA
Big bang producer TNT
Come before ANTEDATE
Dance in a line CONGA
Beauty mark MOLE
And so on: Abbr. ETC
Language of Andorra CATALAN
"It'll be fun!" AWCMON
Striker's bane SCAB
Habit WONT
Flying start? AERO
Little devils IMPS
Daring exploit GEST
Reject with contempt SCORN
Forearm-related ULNAR
Slangy rejection IXNAY
Like critters counted at night OVINE
City in southern France NIMES
One of the Van Halens EDDIE
2005 horror sequel SAWII
"If __": "So be it" IMUST
Hamlet, for one DANE
Alfalfa sprouts concern ECOLI
West Yorkshire's largest city LEEDS
Show contempt SNORT
Sacher dessert TORTE
Receded EBBED
Risotto relative PILAF
Show with numbers MUSICAL
Shiny, in adspeak BRITE
January birthstone GARNET
Home to the Congressional Country Club BETHESDA
Variety SORT
"__ of My Soul": Isabel Allende novel INES
Not of the cloth LAIC
Took a course under duress? STRESSATE
__ Mawr College BRYN
In order NEAT
"Madam Secretary" star TEALEONI
Almond Joy ingredient COCONUT
Cat-__-tails ONINE
Close NEAR
"Hold your horses" EASYNOW
Cabinet dept. AGR
Apprentice INTERN
Creator of tasty cups REESE
John of rock ELTON
Ugly marketing battle ADWAR
Computer acronym ASCII
Home run pace TROT
Scrapes (out) EKES
eBay competitor UBID
Like fine cheese AGED
Doc's orders MEDS
Unenviable BAD
Doing the job, briefly TCB
"Don't __ me!" ASK
Deserving DUE


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