Thursday, March 22, 2018

LA Times Crossword Answers, March 23rd 2018

On this page you will find all the answers to LA Times Crossword of March 23rd 2018.

March 23rd 2018 Answers

Clue Answer
Flintstones Vitamins option FRED
Chicago Eight defendant SEALE
B.C. law enforcers RCMP
Big name in denim LEVI
Dental restoration ONLAY
Cause of some bad apples? ALAR
Has to pay OWES
Part of a script SCENE
Cyber phenomenon MEME
Turned tail RANSCARED
Like some underbellies SEAMY
Memphis-to-Atlanta dir. ESE
Big fuss ADO
With "the," what a boxer doesn't want to hit? CANVAS
High points ACMES
Latin I word AMO
Prepared, as eggs for eggs Benedict POACHED
Votin' nay AGIN
Emulate Moses ... and what four black squares do in this puzzle PARTTHEREDSEA
Like a breeze? EASY
August birthstone PERIDOT
"How you doin'?" SUP
Lost patience HADIT
"The Beauty Myth" author Wolf NAOMI
Chip off the old block? SLIVER
Annoyed exclamation BAH
Greek god of the wild PAN
Needed an eraser ERRED
Herbs and spices SEASONING
Bill __ Climate Lab: former exhibit at Oakland's Chabot Space & Science Center NYES
Awaits decision PENDS
Brief refusal to "Are you hungry?" IATE
Nineteenth Amendment campaigner CATT
Rolex rival OMEGA
Gillette offering ATRA
Book of Mormon prophet ENOS
Ready to drop TIRED
Burn a little SEAR
Daisy component FLORET
Clean some more REWASH
Plane, for one EVENER
Ph.D. hurdle DISS
"I feel your pain" SOSAD
Went too far ENCROACHED
Protected, in a way ALEE
Succeed in getting LAND
Word with private or public EYE
Collegian's diet staple RAMEN
"Money, Money, Money" musical MAMMAMIA
Exploits PREYSON
Henry __ Lodge: WWI senator CABOT
Swedish carrier SAS
Surrendered CEDED
Nashville highlight OPRY
"SNL" alumna Oteri CHERI
Scout's honor? MERITBADGE
How some bonds are purchased ATPAR
Movie role for Skippy ASTA
Speaker after John Boehner PAULRYAN
Shoot for ASPIRETO
Air Force pilot who became a pop star DONHO
True nature ESSENCE
"__ give you the shirt off his back" HED
Morphine, e.g. OPIATE
It's repeated a lot MANTRA
Ready to go INGEAR
Kevlar products VESTS
Mideast ruling family name ASSAD
Rest area heavyweight SEMI
Cabinet dept. ENER
Long and Vardalos NIAS
Winner's gathering POT


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